Fandom: House (tv)
Characters: Lisa Cuddy/Allison Cameron
Summary/Teaser: Cuddy's trying to teach Cameron to say no.
"I am envious and obvious and desperate for your love" (Tom McRae, "Streetlight")
Warnings: womansex and some mild kink
Spoilers: --
Notes: Unbetaed. Originally written for love bites 2: the femslash_today valentine's porn battle (ijemanja's prompt: House, Cuddy/Cameron, whip)
Word Count: 310

Standard Disclaimer: David Shore and co. own the characters, I'm just playing with them. I do, however, own this story, so don't steal it. Archive it anywhere; just ask first.

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by Elizabeth Scripturient

"You've got to stop letting House walk all over you, Cameron."

"I know, Cuddy, it's -- "

"That's Doctor Cuddy." She was standing right in front of her now, and Cameron tried not to blink as she met Cuddy's gaze.

Cuddy reached over to a nearby table and picked up a whip. Cameron shivered. Cuddy traced lines on her abdomen with the handle. "You know it defeats the purpose of a punishment if you enjoy it."

Cameron didn't really know what to say to that.

Cuddy quickly moved behind her, pulled her hands back, and tied them together with the braided leather.

Standing in front of her again, she asked her, "What do you think I want you to do?"

"Fuck you?" Cameron answered uncertainly. They'd been... doing whatever it was that they were doing... for six months now, and Cameron still wasn't ever sure what Cuddy wanted from her.

"You kiss your mother with that mouth?"

"No, ma'am."

"Good. On your knees."



They'd had sex in Cuddy's office before, but this wasn't even a private office.

Cameron knelt down. Cuddy stepped out of her black silk and flipped up her skirt, business-like.

Cameron teased her outer lips with her tongue, then slid her tongue in between them, increasing the pressure. She withdrew her tongue, circling Cuddy's clit, and finally felt some reaction from Cuddy. She kept up what she was doing, occasionally detouring, until Cuddy orgasmed.

"Not bad, Cameron," Cuddy said, slipping back into her black silk. She stepped behind her and untied her hands. "If you'd said no," she whispered into her ear, "I would have given you the best sex of your life tonight."

"You've gotta learn how to say no, Cameron," she said in her normal tone, putting away the whip. "Now go back to your rounds." She left the room, leaving Cameron rubbing her wrists.

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