Fandom The Baby-Sitters Club
Characters: Stacey McGill/Charlotte Johanssen
Summary/Teaser: Stacey thinks Charlotte is delicious.
Warnings: --
Spoilers: --
Notes: Originally written for Fireworks: The Fourth of July Femslash Porn Battle (wisdomeagle's prompt: BSC, Stacey/Charlotte, delicious)
Word Count: 224

Standard Disclaimer: No harm intended; no profit made. Ann M. Martin and co. own the characters, I'm just playing with them. I do, however, own this story, so don't steal it. Archive it anywhere; just ask first.

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And Her Strawberry Shampoo
by Elizabeth Scripturient

With her diabetes, Stacey felt uncomfortable around ideas like licking chocolate off her lover, but Charlotte didn't need any additives.

Stacey held her close, just breathing, both of them naked and tired. She could smell the soda Charlotte had with lunch on her breath.

Stacey buried her nose in her hair, breathing deeply of her strawberry shampoo.

Charlotte murmured happily, and Stacey planted kisses on both her closed eyes. She loved that Charlotte didn't wear makeup, that there was nothing between their skin when they touched.

She teasingly licked the tip of Charlotte's nose and they made out for a few minutes, playful tongues, but Charlotte was tired and content to let Stacey do most of the work.

Stacey kissed the hollow of her neck, breathing in the smell of salt and skin.

She trailed down Charlotte's chest, nipping gently at her curves. By the time she was playing with Charlotte's second nipple, Charlotte was fidgeting. Stacey knew she was getting wet and smiled, silently approving of Charlotte's efforts to keep silent and still. She did not quicken her pace, however. Patience is all a part of this.

As she headed south, she could smell the faint hint of shaving cream, but she licked one soft curl and soon all she could smell was that unique scent that was only Charlotte and only delicious.

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