Fandom: Firefly (tv)
Characters: Jayne, River
Summary/Teaser: Jayne has strange dreams.
Warnings: --
Spoilers: --
Notes: dorrie6's prompts: hankering, post holer, cabbage night, methodology, slotted spoon
Indebted to Sondheim's Into the Woods, of course.
Word Count: 123

Standard Disclaimer: Joss Whedon and co. own the characters, I’m just playing with them. I do, however, own this story, so don’t steal it. Archive it anywhere; just ask first.

Feedback is always appreciated. Make me blush with praise or rip apart the story with criticism, or both.

Slotted spoons don't hold much soup.
by Elizabeth Scripturient

It was cabbage night. Jayne wasn’t sure he’d ever even tasted cabbage before, but he’d been hankering for a lot of strange things in his dreams recently.

River turned her slotted spoon upside down and dug into her stew. “Post holer. For digging posts.” She grinned.

Jayne was sure it had been his blood sister sitting next to him, but there was that gorram crazy girl again. He supposed with a busted spoon like that she could hardly actually eat the food.

“Your methodology is flawed. The slotted spoon can catch the potato.”

Jayne looked up where his mother had been sitting. River’s eyes looked back at him. Hair glossy and pulled back, more meat on her bones, but River all the same.

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