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Alice in Wonderland

Ravens and Writing Desks by Meltha (PG)
     Authorial summary: Many years have passed, and Alice finds herself in Wonderland one final time.

America's Next Top Model

Untitled by mosca (America's Next Top Model RPS, CariDee/Michelle (cycle 7), NC-17) [personal lj link]
     I know next to nothing about ANTM but really enjoyed this ficlet anyhow. The characters are developed and believable in this sufficient that I don't need the background knowledge. There's great detail which feels very true to the fact that they are models, and also believably portrays sexual inexperience (without making the sex unenjoyable).

Anansi Boys

Eating Sacred Cows by Jennifer-Oksana (crossover, PG)
     Wow. This has such great insights into what it is to be a god, and is dark and raw and creepy while couched in such a civilized setting.
Authorial Summary: Take your gods out to the all-you-can-eat buffet and see what happens.


Jane Narf by Parhelion (Pinky and the Brain, G)
     If Animaniacs had done Jane Eyre, this is pretty much what it would look like. Fabulous.

Anne of Green Gables

A Table Fixed With Ferns and Wild Roses by lalejandra (Anne of Green Gables, Anne & Diana, PG)
     I'm not big on the Anne books, but I was intrigued by the prospect of femslash. This isn't actually sexualized, but has that intense romantic love that is so very Anne.

The Baby-Sitters Club

Abominable by Ari (Angel, Fred/Janine, PG-13)
     Mid-S5. Wolfram and Hart recruits Janine Kishi.

The First Time by Claire (Charlotte/Stacey, PG-13)
    I didin't know anyone was allowed to hurt my Charlotte, but this feels so natural, and everything keeps going so nothing hurts too badly. A very realistic look at how Charlotte might grow up, and the tensions that might operate in her relationship with Stacey.

It Runs in the Family by Caeliste (Claudia/Stacey, PG-13)
     Janine came out, but that's not what's bothering Claudia.

Jubilee and Fifty-Foot Janine by J. Serpentine (X-Men crossover, Janine/Jubilee, NC-17)
     I've never had any particular feelings about Jubilee, but when I saw this crossover I had to check it out, and it's so rich with detail and just works. I love it.

Making Sense by Paranoid Kitten (Janine/Stacey, PG)
     "When Janine came out..."

Off the Road by Goovie (Stacey/Charlotte, PG-13)
     Growing up, and noticing.

touching all the places that are yours by goovie (Claudia, R)
     Perfectly in-character artist Claudia thinks about sex. I love this fic so much.

Beauty and the Beast


Passing of a Winter Love by Sophia Jirafe (PG)
     "What have you done with my Beast?" Any Beauty and the Beast story that doesn't contain some variant on that line feels wrong and incomplete to me. I love what this author does with the what-happens-after of such a story. She focuses specifically on the issue of their love(s) for each other and the changes within the Beast both while he was a Beast and after his change back into a man.
Like Frost Unto Dew (The Circadian Remix) by tigerlady (R)
     While the original focuses on Belle's POV, the remix eases us into the prince's POV, and wonderfully makes us sympathize with him, fleshing out hints from the original fic.

Pieces by LaFemmeDarla (G)
     A darkish look at how the servants reacted to the spell.


In a Dark Wood by sheldrake (G)
     This is a fascinating look at the Beast and his magical castle, from Beauty's perspective. Liminality and libraries and my preferred ending to this tale!

The Bible

At the Gates of Heaven by Deborah Judge (Jesus/Judas, PG)
     It's cute and fluffy and really rather theological.

First Morning by Ari (Eve, G)
     This is lovely. A beautiful picture of the joy of unFallen Creation.

In Principio by Thamris (God/Lucifer, NC-17)
     God on a learning curve, as Joel Kaminsky would say. This begins with Creation and is full of lush imagery throughout. Very sensual. And have I mentioned it's about Creation?

Mortal Taste by kindkit (Paradise Lost; Eve, Cain; PG; 200 words)
     Brilliant and rich and layered and thoughtful and moving.

Big Love

Five Bible Verses Nicki Grant Knows By Heart by soundingsea (Nicki/Barb, PG-13, Spoilers: Big Love Season 1, ~1700 words)
     I only know the basic premise of this show, but I couldn't resist the title. I like the progression here.


Pimp and Pomposity by Castiron (Series 3, R)
     Authorial Summary: Just when Blackadder thought his day couldn't get any worse, Lord Flashheart knocked on the door.
The voices are spot-on, and this feels like it could be an episode. Very funny.

Boy Meets World

Five Ways That Cory and Shawn Have Their First Kiss by Skippy [skipmcgee] (Cory/Shawn)
     Oh, boys. These are really lovely and true-feeling.

Brokeback Mountain

Her Daddy Was by Møøny (Alma, PG, futurefic)
    Authorial Summary: Alma Del Mar Justus (Junior) is her daddy's girl.
A very poignant, and believable, look at Alma learning more about her father.


Fantasy & Regret by sarcasticsra (PG)
     Two companion ficlets -- Catherine POV and Warrick POV -- during/after the S6 opener ("Bodies in Motion").

Inventing Games Out of Everything by shrift (Greg, Nick, Sara; PG-13)
     Riffing on the "Guess That Chemical Compound" scene in "Cats in the Cradle" (2.20). DAMN! The very last few lines don't quite work for me, but on the whole it is so solid, and it takes me to all sorts of happy smutty possibility places.

Not Without Affection by Lindsay (West Wing crossover, Catherine/CJ, PG-13) [contact info available on LJ userinfo page]
      I'm not entirely sure I buy Catherine's characterization in this (though I do love her aggressiveness with C.J.), but I love C.J. Her voice is perfect (as is Toby's).

There's Nothing Here But The Ground by k [callmesandy] (Catherine/Sara, Serious explicit smut) [lj link]
     Authorial Summary: The only longtime resident of Las Vegas is the sand. And Catherine and Sara.
I love the ache of this, and the way the language/structure of the fic really makes the reader feel the world of the characters.

This Is A Thought Experiment by kindkit (Warrick/Nick, PG-13, set after "Grave Danger")
     Authorial Summary: What happens after Schrodinger's cat gets out of the box?
In this fic we are watching Nick through Warrick's eyes, but (therefore?) it's really about how the experience changed Warrick.

Dangerous Liaisons

Gold, Steel, Light, and Diamonds by Azrhiaz (R)
     Authorial Summary: The Marquise becomes fascinated with the object of Valmont's affections, and deception takes a new turn.
The dynamic of the Marquise hating Valmont being so in love with Tourvel is one of the most real-feeling in the whole novel and that's captured very well in this fic. So many of the details in this fic, especially around the Marquise, ring very true.


God Shuffled Her Feet by Jane St Clair (Daria/Jane)
     Daria POV. Has some lovely details. What I really love, though, is Jane's mother.

The Day After Tomorrow

Goodnight, Moon by Yahtzee (Joan of Arcadia crossover) [non-lj link]
     Written for the multifandom Day After Tomorrow fic challenge; I have only passing familiarity with either source text and am not particularly into apocalypse stories, but I really like the interesting stuff that's done here with God and sacrifice and etc.

Dinosaur Comics

INSECURITY COMICS by Grace (G) [fanart: dialogue placed on the actual comics template]
     Everyone mocks T-Rex for his tiny arms.


Meeting of the Mind by Emily [nasturtium] (Sandman crossover)
     DEATH meets another anthropomorphic personification of itself. This is great.

This Is How The Universe Ends by perryvic and googlebrat (Torchwood crossover, DEATH/Jack Harkness/the Universe, PG)
This is so funny and poignant.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Dr. Horrible Goes Back In Time: Left Turn by Lorraine (Rating: R for language)
     [fix-it fic] Fits well with the style/themes of the original.

The Henchmen's Union's "So You're Evil, Now What?" Introductory Package by CaffieneKitty (PG)
     "If an attribute category is irrelevant to your Henchman needs, please leave it blank. While you may have a very specific combination of features in mind, you will be matched with a Henchman much more quickly if you are willing to accept some variance. Please only select the attributes your Henchman MUST have for fastest placement."

Untitled (Dr. Horrible, Act 3) by Amalie
     [fix-it fic] LOVE this. They're in character, and it's funny, and it fits with the running motif of subverting the cliches, and Penny gets to be the one who has all the agency and all the win. Yay!

Watch Him As He Goes by Kurukami (PG)
     [fix-it fic] Interesting and well-developed.

You Gotta Have Heart by Executrix (BtVS crossover, G)
     [fix-it fic] I like that Penny gets to have agency and decision-making and awareness and yadda yadda.

Doctor Who

Meet It and Live It by Twinkledru J. (BtVS crossover, PG, AU for both, taking off from "The Gift" for BtVS and "Boomtown" for Doctor Who)
     "What if Buffy's swan-dive through the portal to save Dawn actually spat her out through the Rift, in Cardiff?"

Pittsburgh, October 1, 1955 by Nea (Martha, Ten; G; 1,900 words)
     Authorial Summary: What would a medical student really want if she could travel in all of history?
(I got all teary -- in a good way -- at the end of this.)

Seeking Lethe by Kathryn Andersen (Hitchhiker's Guide crossover)
    The Ninth Doctor gets drunk with Zaphod Beeblebrox. Wow, this is brilliant and perfect.

Sonic by marginalia (Sarah Jane Smith, Harriet Jones)
     I don't even watch this show, but I know enough from fannish osmosis to love this ficlet about Sarah Jane fending off a zombie attack without the Doctor.


Mina Harker's Journal, 5 November by Margit (Mina/Vampire Brides, R, 200 words)
     Authorial Summary: An excerpt from Mina's journal, on the Borgo Pass.
Great use of imagery, and dark just the way I like it.

Sympathy of Wolves by GreenSpine (R)
    Authorial Summary: The story of Dracula's eldest bride, her relationship with Dracula, and her feelings for Jonathan Harker.

Early Edition

Passing the Torch by Amilyn (G)
    Authorial Summary: The paper moves on (drabble)
Sweet and believable.

Francesca Lia Block

What Time Are We Upon And Where Do I Belong? by Stone Princess (the Weetzie Bat series, Witch Baby, PG)
    Very much in the style of FLB, but not too excessively so. Witch Baby travels the world and sees the sadness there. I really like the way this is dealt with and want to talk a lot about it but also don't want to take away the enjoyment of reading it yourself.

Ghost World

12th Of June by Kate Bolin (PG-13)
     "She returns ten years later, on the same bus she left on."


In The House of Dust by KindKit (Gilgamesh/Enkidu, PG-13)
     Authorial Summary: Men and cities are made of clay, and turn to dust.
I'm not really into the Gilgamesh story, but I love the thematics in this, which are summed up in that Authorial Summary, with particular attention to the fact that in those days writing was on clay tablets. (It also does justice to the Gilgamesh/Enkidu relationship, but that's not where my particular interest was.)

Good Omens

I was reading (and reccing) enough fic in this fandom that I thought it about time to give it its own page.
     Available in list or grid format.

Grey's Anatomy

I got to reading a lot of fic for this fandom, though I'm not that into the show, so it's got its own page here.

Harry Potter

I've been reading so much in this fandom that I decided it was finally time to give it its own page.
     Available in list or grid format.


The Distant Silence by Leyenn (Adam-centric, PG, futurefic)
    I never watched He-Man, but this is a poignant and believable picture of what peacetime might look like for a battle hero.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

I Friend You, You Friend Him by Roga (PG)
     Salmoneous invents "Face Scroll" and havoc ensues.


I was reading (and reccing) enough fic in this fandom that I thought it about time to give it its own page.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Seeking Lethe by Kathryn Andersen (Doctor Who crossover)
    The Ninth Doctor gets drunk with Zaphod Beeblebrox. Wow, this is brilliant and perfect.

Too Flashy by Paranoid Kitten (Arthur Dent/David Bowie, PG)
     It's short. I giggled.


Change is the Only Constant by Mara (Batman [DC] crossover; "No spoilers for House. Some spoilers for DC big events Identity Crisis and War Games, although this isn't set in the same continuity.") [non-lj link]
     Authorial Summary: When Bruce Wayne becomes Dr. Gregory House's latest patient, House's hidden past might just be disclosed.
I have only passing familiarity with either of these canons but really enjoyed this fic.

Eight Hanukkah Candles Lisa Cuddy Lit by Roga (Lisa Cuddy, PG-13, Spoilers: up to MLC [3.10], 4700 words)
     I don't really watch House, but I really enjoyed this fic -- very believable glimpses into Cuddy.

Make Peace by Sage Theory (House/Cuddy/Cameron, NC-17, D/s)
      Authorial Summary: This is the treaty they sign
I have very little familiarity with this show, but from what I know I can so see Cameron doing this (disturbing though it is).

Things She's Not by ijemanja (Cuddy/Cameron, R, 4159 words)
     Cuddy is so solid here, and Cameron gets believably fleshed out.

this body of wonder and uncertainty by ellen m. (Cuddy/Cameron, 6150ish words)
     The story moves in a slow spiral toward a center point, both parties vacillating between self-assuredness and tentativity.

What would happen if [Gregory House] got [River Tam] pregnant? by carla_scribbles
     From that 12 characters 20 questions meme (third one down). A fabulous summary of an unwritten fic.

How I Met Your Mother

Leave No Man Behind by Clio (Barney/Robin, PG-13)
      Barney and Robin get a marriage of convenience. And it is legendary.

Ten Dreams Barney Had While Recovering at the Hospital (Only Some of Which Can Be Blamed on the Morphine) by trinityofone (PG-13; Spoilers: Through 'Miracles' [S3 finale]; ~1,600 Words)
     I love all the intertextuality here. Plus it's straight up funny.

Untitled by [pirateygoodness] (Robin, Barney, Amy [fox1013])
    Hi, this is awesome.

Untitled (Barney Stinson gets married) by Amy
    Yes, this is how it would go.

When We Were Grown by insiliarius (Ted/Lily, PG, Spoilers: Through "Come On" [S1 finale], 460 words)
    This ficlet makes this pairing make a lot of sense.

Wingman by Amy (ensemble)
     I don't even have the love for zombie apolcalypse fic that many do, but as cashewdani said, "That is obviously how the show ends!" (And it's not sad, I promise.)

Into the Woods (musical)

Foot Prince by Roadstergal (PG)
      Authorial Summary: A prince on a quest meets a witch with a soft spot for dragons.
This is only vaguely tied to Into the Woods canon but very much has the voice of the canon. This is an enjoyable read, and I particularly enjoyed the thoughts on daring vs. charming (and generally the interaction between the eponymous princes).

Iron Man (movieverse)

Ambition and History by rhoddlet/quigonejinn (PG)
     While Tony is missing in Afghanistan, Christine Everhart is assigned a piece on Maria Stark. It sounds like a puff piece, but she delves into Stark history and oh this is so rich and interesting.

Dust Is Gonna Settle by gabby_silang (Maria/Howard Stark, R, 1945)
     A teenage Maria meets an adult Howard before the first atomic bomb test. I love their dynamic, and the world created here feels so real even in its surreality.

Follow Your Shame by atra (Pepper<->Tony, R)
     This is so fucked-up, but it WORKS.

Four Times Pepper Potts Saved the World (and One Time She Didn't) by RD (PG-13. Just about post-movie.)
     This is a totally true-feeling look at what the progression of events after the movie might look like.

Grease-stained by nekare (4600 words)
     Authorial Summary: This is what being Iron Man is.
     I like that this includes so much of Tony/Iron Man -- his drinking, his history, how it kills him to not be able to save everyone, his affinity for machines rather than people, his desire for Pepper.

It Takes a Village to Raise a Tony Stark by Zahra (Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Jim Rhodes, Jarvis, Happy; PG13)
     POST-IT NOTES! Brilliant!

Successful Secrets of the Sexual Kind by atra (Pepper/Tony, NC-17)
     Authorial Summary: Five times they don't have sex, and think about it anyway.
Hot and bittersweet and believable.

June 6, 2008 by rhoddlet/quigonejinn (PG)
     "This year's MIT commencement address, as given by Tony Stark" -- This whole speech is well-done with Tony's honesty . . . that isn't even vulnerability or bravado but just honesty.

The Kids Aren't Alright by M. (PG; Spoilers: Largely movieverse; 11,500 words)
     Authorial Summary: "It's been 'a hell of a year' since industrialist Tony Stark owned up to his alter ego in a move that stunned observers and longtime aides alike. With the US facing unprecedented homegrown suicide attacks, Iron Man's contribution to national security is more than ever under scrutiny. As she follows Stark during a year of crisis, exclusively for Vanity Fair, Christine Everhart explores the many contradictions of the man behind the mask, uncovers tales of personal loyalty, patriotism gone awry and corporate betrayal, and asks whether Iron Man is the embodiment of an outdated American fantasy—a self-made, unilateral, technological solution to hopelessly complex problems—and whether he can survive the violent encounter with reality."
     This has been recced to high heaven, and while I don't actually think it's the most brilliant, mindblowing, Iron Man fic I've ever read, it's smart and insightful -- and certainly a sold piece of work.

A Small and 100% Innocent Token of Gratitude by svilleficrecs/Kate Andrews (Pepper/Tony, NC-17, post-movie)
     Foot rubs = hot.

Three Men and a Lady (and Her Boss) by Zahra (Pepper<->various, PG-13)
     Pepper's tried seeing other people, but guys always seem to object to Tony calling her in the middle of the night, or the middle of a date, or in the middle of sex.
My favorite sections of this are the first and the last.

Untitled (four ficlets) by dorkorific/sashayed
     victoria p. said, "Four lovely ficlets about what it must be like to be Pepper Potts."

wonderful electric by gabby_silang (Pepper/Tony. "From the POV of the movie, it's futurefic. From the POV of the comics, it's in the indeterminate present. Oh, and P.S. I like Extremis a lot." NC-17)
     Extremis is new to me (it's a comics thing), but it gets explained sufficiently in the fic (without feeling exposition-heavy). I only know the movie, and thus think that this is a pairing which can't work long-term, and possibly that's an accurate assessment in the comics as well, but I really like the easiness of the established relationship here.

Joan of Arcadia

Goodnight, Moon by Yahtzee (The Day After Tomorrow crossover) [non-lj link]
     Written for the multifandom Day After Tomorrow fic challenge; I have only passing familiarity with either source text and am not particularly into apocalypse stories, but I really like the interesting stuff that's done here with God and sacrifice and etc.

The Last Unicorn

All the World for Love by cher (G)
     bookishwench said, "this deals with an alternate ending where Amalthea never becomes a unicorn again out of love for Lir. Tragic, wrapped in succulent language, and makes wonderful use of Schmendrick and the consequences of his magic."

The Lord of the Rings

The DM of the Rings by Shamus Young
    A Webcomic of Lord of the Rings as a D&D campaign. (For my own reference, this is possibly my favorite panel.) I don't RP and am not really into LotR, but I still really enjoyed this. (And RP-ers will really enjoy the comments left on each installment.)

Monty Python's Quest for to Get Rid of The Holy Grail The Ring by Zortrified (PG)
     With a title like that, do i really need to say anything more? It's hysterical.

Lost in Translation

Melodrama by Veda (Charlotte/Kelly, PG)
      Two lonely souls...

Mark Twain

Might Be a Sin by Flora (Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck, R, 525 words)
     Flora packs so many interesting ideas into this short ficlet (but without making it feel overloaded) and maintains perfect voice, which impresses me deeply.

The Matrix

Love Doesn't Make Things Come True by J. J. Taylor (Trinity/Neo, R)
     "She fantasizes about sleeping with Neo when she's standing watch in the Matrix."

Narnia, The Chronicles of

Bedroom Eyes by l_aurens (X-Files crossover; Mulder/Susan; PG; 1,316 words)
     Susan goes through the wardrobe again and ends up somewhere very different. A very interesting look at how these two might react to each other. And ends with an evocative setup for how Susan changes in the last book.

closets have golden handles by rhoddlet (PG-13)
     A sad, believable look at what happened to Susan after Narnia and how she turned into the woman she is described as being in The Last Battle.

Growing Up by sheldrake (PG)
     Lucy and Susan and growing up -- remembering, forgetting, changing.

The Made-Up Things by K. M. Petravich (Harry Potter crossover, PG)
     Authorial Summary: Once upon a time, there were four children, whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. And then all that was left was Susan, who had two daughters. One was named Petunia, and one was named Lily.

Memory of Heaven by Corbeaun (PG)
     Edmund in Narnia: remembering and forgetting England and the White Witch. Dark.

A Thousand Deaths by Amy (PG; spoilers for The Last Battle)
     Authorial Summary: Susan always knew better.
Dark, powerful, true-feeling post-series look at Susan.

The Office (U.S.)

Lesbianism is What Sluts Turn to When They Run Out of Men to Sleep With by [pirateygoodness] (Pam/Angela; NC-17; Spoilers: Up to 3.13, "Traveling Salesman"; 1,851 words)
     I have seen not quite two episodes of this show, but the beginning of the story gives me all the info I need (without feeling Exposition Fairy). The action progression and characterization feel very plausible and interesting.

Peter Pan

Hook Or Me by unovis
     Mr. Darling dreams...

A Hundred Years Ago by trifles (PG-13)
     Wendy sees the dreams Peter has forgotten, including those involving the boy who would be Hook. The voice feels very much like Barrie. Oh so much more painful than any Barrie I've read, but the hints are all there in Barrie's work, and I suspect he would give this his stamp of approval.

Them, or You by Mosh (Hook/Pan, PG-13)
     Hook forces Pan to choose, and Hook is so sexual and dark, and oh this fic.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Blue and Pale by Jane St. Clair (Sparrow/Norrington, NC-17)
     Allie's Summary: Jack. In drag. Ambushes Norrington at a posh party and pretends to be his date.
The interaction is wholly believable. Which means, among other things, that it sucks to be Norrington.

Course of Study by Penknife (Elizabeth & Barbossa gen (Elizabeth/Will), rated PG. Set before AWE, but contains some AWE spoilers. ~5,000 words.)
     Authorial Summary: There's a lot to learn on the way to Singapore about being a pirate.

The Five Endings They Couldn't Afford and Would Have Never Happened Anyway by [boonies] (post-AWE)
     I love Jack and Elizabeth in the second one. And oh, Will, in the third one. James in the fourth one is also touching.

Limbo by inlovewithnight (Will Turner, post PotC3:AWE) [personal website link]
     Will after the third move... This feels very true, and Samantha does a very good job of evoking the _feel_ of the story she's telling.

Love by Paranoid Kitten (PG)
     What Jack Sparrow loves.

Nine Pieces of Eight by Penknife (gen with references to Will/Elizabeth and various other subtext, rated PG. SPOILERS FOR AWE. ~5000 words.) [non-lj link]
     Summary: Nine people Calypso visited later in their dreams.
[author commentary track]

Old Moon by Penknife (Tia Dalma gen, ~900 words)
     Set shortly before Tia Dalma's first appearance in DMC, this is an interesting look at what *could* have happened to The Dutchman (and its captaincy).

Parrot by Penknife (Harry Potter crossover) [non-lj link]
     Young Jack Sparow a student at olden Hogwarts? Yes, this is it exactly.

A Pretty Boat by Mary Borsellino (Firefly crossover)
     Captain Jack Sparrow aboard Serenity. Brilliant and hysterical and rather perfect.

Proverbs by Melusina (Elizabeth, PG)
     I love all the imagery and metaphors and surprises in this -- piracy and motherhood and creation and the sea.

Regarding Cowrie Shells and Rum by Dala (Elizabeth/Anamaria, NC-17)
      Allie's Summary: When Elizabeth is upset after witnessing a tryst between Jack and Will, Anamaria finds a way to distract her.

salt up the stem by marginalia (norrington/jack/elizabeth)
     Elizabeth was the pirate, not Will.

The Princess Bride (movie)

There Will Be No Survivors (Except for the Survivors Behind the Curtain, But Pay No Attention to Them) by knightshade (PG-13, post-movie)
     Authorial Summary: Westley wants to turn the Dread Pirate Roberts gig over to Inigo, but things aren't going quite as smoothly as he hoped.
This starts out slow, but by the end I was really quite enjoying it.


An Awfully Deep Well by Laura JV (The Endless, PG-13)
    A series of vignettes about each of the Endless. I was particularly struck by Delirium, Destiny, and Death.

A Girl Made From Sky by Doyle (BtVS crossover, PG)
     Authorial Summary: He first saw her in the dream of a monk in Budapest.
Includes spoilers for the end of the Sandman series. Wonderful tone and imagery and use of characters and worlds.

Hopscotch and Dandelions by Jennifer-Oksana (Angel crossover, Wesley and Death, PG)
     "This wasn't supposed to happen, you know."

Meeting of the Mind by Emily [nasturtium] (Discworld crossover)
     Death meets another anthropomorphic personification of itself. This is great.

Nights of endless conversations by Fahye (Firefly crossover, PG)
     Okay, the title is cheesy, but the Endless visiting the crew of Serenity is priceless.

The Taste of Honey by Edo no Hana (Dream, Death, and a third-party; G)
    bookishwench said, "Death and Dream on a day in the park, with both of them being their usual selves until a very unexpected third character enters the story." This story fits seamlessly into the Sandman canon, including that heartbreaking quality.

Sesame Street

Why Sex Ed Should Stay in Schools by greenspine (Ernie/Bert, NC-17)
      "The lab said that boys and girls need to know what happens to their bodies when they get older, and since they can't talk about it in the schools, we Muppets are going to step in and help out."


Before the end of all things by CJ Marlowe (Hamlet, Ophelia and Hamlet, PG-13)
     "Thoreau was an idiot," says Ophelia, "and there's nothing quiet about our desperation. Knowing our past does not make us any less doomed to repeat it." [soundingsea wrote: "Ophelia and Hamlet keep dancing the same dance throughout history. Only the details change."]

Genesis by Fahye (The Tempest, PG)
     This is Ariel. By turns thought-provoking, tender, beautiful, and creepy. My favorite parts are Ariel with Miranda, though the parts with Prospero are also powerful.

Waste Our Lights in Vain by Nifra Idril (Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio/Romeo, R)
     Authorial summary: Romeo will be as Romeo will be, and Mercutio will always be near at hand.
The language is beautiful.

Sleepy Hollow (movieverse)

Waking Spring by casira (Ichabod/Katrina, R)
     Authorial Summary: Ichabod has a very strange dream indeed about Katrina and spring returning to the woods....


When Worlds Collide by arysteia (Clark/Lex, NC-17)
     Lex and Clark went to see Alexander...
These aren't even my fandoms, but it's hysterical and geeky. (The porn is so not the point.)

Star Trek: The Next Generation

A 62-day Study of the Human Grieving Process by Sloane (Data, ensemble)
     Data, studying the way people mourn after Tasha's death. A series of moments, all brilliantly in-character.

Accidental by shalott (Picard/Q)
     Authorial Summary: Why it's a bad idea to surprise omnipotent beings.

Between The Boys And The Bees by Kaite (Troi, NC-17)
     "It causes problems, this eavesdropping on the private fantasties of her fellow crewmen."

Carnal Pleasures by Andraste (Picard/Q, PG)
     AU during "Deja Q." Human Q wants to experience sex. A wonderful in-character piece.

Courtship by Rhi (Picard/Q, PG)
     How does an omnipotent being court a human?

The Definition of Vacation by viciouswishes (Data/Geordi, PG, 116 words) [non-lj link]
     Slightly longer than a drabble. Very sweet and in character.

Escher Dreams by the Anon Sisters (NC-17) [Anyone have working contact information?]
     Post-Generations. 3 very long parts. The Enterprise-E is the first on the scene at the birth of a beautiful anomaly. Meanwhile, Picard keeps having dreams that make him very happy. The characterization is spot-on, and we know I'm a continuity-whore, and the hot sex is almost incidental to the journey, which parallels the plot surrounding the anomaly (yes, the fic has a plot and not just even a relationship-plot). Oh, so much love.

emancipation by gill marsden
     A dark and interesting could-have-been told from a Borg POV. (It gets easier to understand a little ways in, I promise.)

Epiphany by switchknife (Picard/Crushers [yes, all of them], PG-13)
     Mostly Picard/Wesley, set at the beginning of the series.

From Me to Q by Julia Houston (Picard, Q; PG-13) [send feedback to: jhousto @ tulane.edu ]
     The Enterprise encounters a pre-warp civilization on the brink of destruction. Q is involved. But what exactly is going on?
and its sequel: Q Music (PG-13)
     A crystal singer in an interesting relationship with Q, and a crystal singer competition that might start or avert an interstellar war.

Love Reign O'er Me by Ruth Gifford and Varoneeka (Picard/Q, NC-17)
     Picard is transported to a desert oasis, along with an amnesic Q. They're both recognizable as themselves, but this situation brings to the fore qualities often not shown. Q in particular is so very very vulnerable.

Serenterprise-D by inlovewithnight (Firefly crossover)
     The Firefly crew meets their Star Trek: The Next Generation counterparts. Hysterical.

Twenty Random Facts About Deanna Troi (and Will Riker) by Leyenn
     14... the Goddess of Empathy programme is still hiding in a small area of private, mostly inactive computer memory. Deanna is aware of this, and of who uses it, but she chooses not to notice. Mostly.

Untitled by Rhi (PG)
     Set between the series finale and the movies. Picard dealing with aftermath of "All Good Things." Powerful imagery.


Favors by victoria p. (Dean/girl!Sam; adult, 490 words)
    Boy fingerfucking girl while both are standing up and mostly clothed? So hot.

In Through the Out Door by [luzdeestrellas] and victoria p. (girl!Sam/Dean; adult; 3,620 words)
    This totally hits so many of my kinks: pegging, the trust, how much he loves pleasing her, the not-quite-sex below-the-waist-touching in public. Also: good snarky banter.

Johnny and Mary by Minim Calibre (John/Mary, pre-series. Possible slight spoiler for SPN Origins issue 1 or 2., 1261 words)
    I've never seen this show, but I really enjoyed this realistic look at young love. (Not sappy.)

Necessities by flyakate (Sam and Dean; gen; Spoilers into the third season, of a sort.)
     Authorial Summary: rock salt, holy water, porn!.
Sam and Dean's shopping list. I don't watch this show, so I know I miss some of the layers, but I knew enough from fannish osmosis to get some of them, and all you really need is an understanding of the premise of the show.

Tally by Signe (Dean and Sam)
     I've never seen Supernatural, but I happened to see this ficlet and it stunned me.
[winkyb] wrote a follow-up.

Three Thousand Six Hundred Degrees Fahrenheit by victoria p. (PG; Spoilers: Through AHBL2; 3,910 words) [non-lj link]
    I love this fic because it's set in the American Southwest. However, it does also have a good plot complete with interesting mundane-mystical contrasts here and an original character whom I love.


This Is How The Universe Ends by perryvic and googlebrat (Discworld crossover, DEATH/Jack Harkness/the Universe, PG)
This is so funny and poignant.

Van Helsing

Time Changes by Freya (Anna/Aleera, R)
     Women have a history before Dracula. (Also located here)
Complete with graphic. (Also here.)

The West Wing

After Gaza by Speranza (Donna & Josh... "Gaza" is 5.21) [lj link]
     She could talk about the explosion and how frightening it was, and she could talk about her leg, and how well it was healing, thanks for asking; but she couldn't talk about the stupid things: her clumsiness as she tried to steer, the way she couldn't get close enough to tables to feel comfortable sitting at them, how helpless she felt most of the time. Everyone seemed to treat her like she was fine, and so she had to be fine. She was fine.
     I appreciate the realism of this, dealing with Donna's mobility issues after Gaza . . . and then oh, Josh and Donna are so brilliant and true, hysterical and tender.

All Shall Love Me and Despair by MarcusRowland and others (Angel crossover, post-series, includes spoilers for tWW S7)
     Illyria runs for president (includes spoilers for tWW S7). // It's a Round Robin, so there are additional chapters by various authors (6 chapters, 5 authors, as of Dec. 21, 2007).

Eighteen Minutes by Sangerin
    This feels very much like how the morning of September 11th, 2001, would play out in the West Wing universe. The part that makes it for me, though, is: " 'I know people there,' said Sam softly. "

For Purely Selfish Reasons by [smittywing] (Charlie Young/C.J. Cregg, PG-13, Set between seasons 3 and 4, ~1900 words)
     The voices here are perfect, and there are so many great details. *cuddles this fic*

Loophole by Speranza (Josh/Donna, set: "earlyish, in the classic years.")
     The first time Josh went down on her, she wasn't expecting it. As victoria p. said, this "explores the weird nearly non-existent boundaries of their relationship. Funny and hot and sweet." There's also really great character insight here.

the luckiest by aj (CJ, CJ/Toby; post-"Constituency of One" [5.05])
     This is a true-feeling (and thus painful) look at the darkness and hardness of Season 5, focusing on CJ but with some Toby insight as well.

No Flying in the House by luna [tangleofthorns] (Heroes crossover, Nathan Petrelli & Will Bailey, PG for language)
     This is adorable -- Will noticing the new Senator and noticing how something isn't quite right.

Not Without Affection by Lindsay (CSI crossover, Catherine/CJ, PG-13) [contact info available on LJ userinfo page]
      I'm not entirely sure I buy Catherine's characterization in this (though I do love her aggressiveness with C.J.), but I love C.J. Her voice is perfect (as is Toby's).

Schoolgirl Chant by Ari (BtVS crossover, CJ/Tara, PG, 100 words, AU)
     Prompt: daisy. A lovely look at Tara.

Story of Seasons by raedbard (BtVS crossover, CJ Cregg/Tara Maclay, PG, early seasons TWW/no spoilers, 282 words)
     I really love the understated nature of this, and the magical quality. Beautiful imagery... the transitoriness and at the same time the weightiness... And I'm such a sucker for writing on the body.

Tacet by Marguerite (CJ-centric, PG-13)
     This is four post-ep vignettes for "Posse Comitatus" (the S3 finale). The grief is captured beautifully, and everyone's characterizations are so right, and I love Toby so much.

Things to Do in New Hampshire While You're Waiting for the Thaw by raedbard (Josh & Sam & CJ & Toby, PG-13, S1, Word Count: c. 2400) [lj link]
     Authorial Summary: Josh Lyman is not gay. Except whilst waiting for a plane back to DC in the middle of an old-fashioned New Hampshire snowstorm.
     This made me kind of deliriously happy.

This is Not the Most Obvious Thing by [michellek] (Donna/Amy; NC-17; Spoilers: through 'Privateers' [4.17]; 2,921 words)
     That scene in "Commencement" [4.21] made me think, "Hey, I could see shippyness from this," but I wouldn't have thought it likely that I'd get sold on the pairing. This fic pulls it off, though. She does a great job with their distinctive voices and thought-processes.

Untitled [Authorship correction: Posted by The Mad Poetess but an actual transciption of an RP scene, thus credit goes to Josh and Angel's players.]
     A fandomhigh snippet. Josh Lyman and Angel on political campaigning.

A Van, a Plane, a Car, and a Bus by Speranza (Josh & Donna, S7-ish)
     Lou was staring at him like he'd developed a stutter, and he fumbled to come up with something--anything--that felt true. Only one thing did. "She's--kind of my wife," Josh said.
     This is so very funny, and also tender and true.

We don't notice time pass by pene (Ainsley Hayes and Mrs. Landingham, spoilers through 2.21 "18th and Potomac")
     This fic really captures Ainsley's feeling of not-fitting at the Bartlet White House and gives us poignant (and believable) character development.

Winnie the Pooh

A Little Smackerel of Something by makesmewannadie (Pooh/Piglet, R)
     Mmm, food!sex. I know you won't believe that this could be "in character," but I maintain that it is.

Caught by Flora (Harry Potter crossover, Ron/Tigger, 100 words)
     This never would have occurred to me, but it's really lovely, slightly silly (as it should be), and not squicky.

Without a Trace

Hostile Work Environment by Eolivet (Sam, Jack; PG; 559 words)
     After "Viuda Negra," Sam voices her frustration with how Jack treats her after their affair.


Her Words by Amy (Jaye/Bianca, NC-17)
     They said, "Get her words out;" they didn't say how.

Jesus Complex by trascendenza (Jaye, PG)
     The show often felt too cynical/meaningless for me, but this fic feels believably true to canon while actually being quite sweet. [Jaye is institutionalized, and the fic is told from her doctor's perspective.]

Jolly by Amy (Jaye-centric, PG)
     I love this fic all about Jaye being entirely unfestive at Christmastime.

Twisted Santa by Keswindhover (Jaye-centric, PG)
     I wasn't super into this fic, but I love the twist at the end.

Urban Maneuvers and Mountain Escapes by Pearbean (Sharon, Mahandra)
     Sharon and Mahandra get locked in a closet together at The Barrel. Which in and of itself is good fun, and then there was a bonus surprise at the end when stuff got connected in a very episode-esque way. [Dear fandom: Provide me more Sharon/Mahandra, please, thanks.]

The X-Files

Bedroom Eyes by l_aurens (Narnia crossover; Mulder/Susan; PG; 1,316 words)
     Susan goes through the wardrobe again and ends up somewhere very different. A very interesting look at how these two might react to each other. And ends with an evocative setup for how Susan changes in the last book.

X-Men (movieverse)

I've gotten sucked into reading so much in this fandom that I thought it merited its own page.
     Available in list or grid format.


Antichrists Anonymous by Pogrebin (Stewie [Family Guy] / Adam [Good Omens] )
     Do I actually have to say anything to make you read this?

The Craziest Person I've Met This Week by Llama (Fight Club/Harry Potter, Narrator / Remus Lupin)
     Authorial Summary: There's a self-help group for everything these days.
This is, amazing.

The Doors of his Hotness, the Lamps of his Cuteness by JadeLennox (a Meg Cabot & Roger Zelazny pastiche)
     A Zelazny hero and a Cabot heroine. I've read I think one Meg Cabot book and no Zelazny, but I quite enjoyed this ficlet -- and in_parentheses' L'Engle-esque poem inspired by this is rather brill.

The Dragon and the Mermaid's Son [Nikki (Chrono Cross)/Draco Malfoy (HP)/Claude Monet (painter)] by Kristin (PG-13)
     This makes me wish I knew Chrono Cross, but it makes a surprising amount of sense regardless and is just damn pretty (and not even in a "Tom Felton is hot" kind of way, but more like "Monet is my favorite painter" for starters -- though liking Monet's work is completely not a requirement for enjoying this story).

Meeting of the Mind by Emily [nasturtium] (Sandman/Discworld)
     Death meets another anthropomorphic personifications of itself. This is great.

Monty Python's Quest for to Get Rid of The Holy Grail The Ring by Zortrified (PG)
     With a title like that, do i really need to say anything more? It's hysterical.

Too Flashy by Paranoid Kitten (Arthur Dent/David Bowie, PG)
     It's short. I giggled.


Fragments Of Lines Written On The Bathroom Walls In Ten Different Fandoms by Amy (100 words each)
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy, Veronica Mars, Battlestar Galactica, Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stargate Atlantis, Roswell, Lost, Angel, and Alias


[For RPF about Joss Whedon & co., click here.]

And by Mosca (Johnny/Ben. Set at 2001 Junior Worlds.)
     First kiss meme ficlet. I barely know these characters, but I really like the way this plays out. Party games and neat stuff with language.

Bend Over Boyfriend by sinsense (My Chemical Romance, Frank/Jamia with a hint of Frank/Gerard, NC-17)
     Pegging = hot, period, and this did not disappoint. I have only passing familiarity with bandom, but I really enjoyed the texture of this.

Building Steam from a Grain of Salt: The Story of Ari Gold by Zahra
    Worth reading for, if nothing else, the explanation of which drug each Ivy primarily uses. Since this fic is all Ari all the time, you might wanna read some of Zahra's other Ari 'verse RPF first to allow the man to grow on you if abrasively arrogant isn't your cuppa. He's funny, though. And he he grew on me, so clearly he can grow on anyone. As Zahra says, "There are days when you love Ari and days when you want to cut him, but he will change your life, and if nothing else, my insult lexicon thanks him for this experience."

Collectible As We All Are by Mosca (BtVS crossover; Miki Ando & Buffy; PG-13; post-Chosen, Spoilers for the 2006 Olympics and references to skating events through the summer of 2007; ~about 2500 words)
      I love this so hard. There is figure-skating . . . and Slayers . . . and this is just made of win.

How the Tabloids Played Matchmaker by [michellek] (RPFS, Lauren Graham/Marcia Cross, NC-17) [personal lj link]
     The rumors only became true after they finally subsided.
I don't even know these people, but I really enjoyed this. The premise, the buildup, and oh the banter.

How To Be Classy, and Other Sucker's Games by Pearl-o (Katherine Heigl/Callum Keith Rennie, R, 2000 words)
     This is so fun and true-feeling. Mmm, lap-straddling is awesome. T. R. Knight and Sandra Oh are also great in their cameo appearances.

The Incredibly True Adventures of Four Stars, Two Actors In Love, and One Gay Landmark by Zahra (George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and others)
    Jake Gyllenhaal is a nicely developed character here, but for me it's all about George Clooney and Brad Pitt acting like an old married couple. Not even the sex, just the banter and interactions.

Just a Kiss Away by Mosca (Brooke Castile/Tanith Belbin; PG-13; About 1,200 words)
     Aww! Attentiveness and mix tapes.

Like You Imagined. by Lanna Michaels (Olympics/Figure Skating RPS, Kimmie Meissner/Tessa Virtue, PG, 2009 Worlds futurefic)
     I haven't followed skating in ages, so I don't actually know the people in this fic, but I like all the thinking, and there's a great emotional punch at the end.

Mirror by Paranoid Kitten (Mary-Kate Olsen, PG)
     What Mary-Kate sees when she looks at her sister.

Separate by Paranoid Kitten (Ashley Olsen, PG)
     The twins are finally separate people.

She's Like (So Whatever) by [pirateygoodness] (BSG RPF/Pop; Tricia Helfer/Avril Lavigne; NC-17; 1,512 words)
    Avril's like that really enthusiastic puppy you just can't say no to. And I'm stopping with the puppy metaphor here, 'cause her enthusiasm is very sex-directed.


Hanging Out, BFF by wolf_cat (Mac and PC, PG)
     This is is so perfectly true.


Poppy Surprise by Iolanthe (NC-17)
     flower!porn -- complete with pictures

original fic

Facts by Ari (G. Gen. 100 words)
     "Thanksgiving in space." This is amazing.

Straight Girls by makesmewannadie (Lesbian erotica, NC-17. ~2200 words)
     "There are three kinds of straight girls." Interesting, believable, well-structured.

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