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Set-up stolen from Doyle.
Pairings are linked within character -- e.g., if you're looking for Inara/Mal, it's linked to on the Inara page and the Mal page.

(Straight-up list format available here.)

I firmly believe people should see the movie, Serenity, unspoiled. I refused to post a detailed response in my LJ after I saw an Advance Screening in May. I refused to post fics dealing with the Serenity movie until after it had come out in the States. I now have a page of quality fics set during/after the movie or informed by movie canon, but please do not go to that page until you have seen the movie.

gen/ensemble poly crossover
Book Inara Jayne
Kaylee Mal River
Simon Zoe Wash
other R. Tam Sessions rpf

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