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Grey's Anatomy

I really don't watch this show, but I find myself really enjoying the fanfic for it.

Addison kisslets by Amy (Addison/various; five 100-word drabbles)
     These get better as they go along, and I really like the restrained nature of them and also the structure (esp. come the end).

Breaking by Amy (Roswell crossover, PG)
     Two shows I know almost nothing about, but Amy does a really interesting job of connecting them -- and oh, the ending.

Drunk by Amy (Cristina/Addison, 100 words)
     Cristina is known for secrecy. But it turns out there are a lot of things Cristina will do when she's drunk that she won't do when she's sober.
The pairing isn't even the point, so check it out even if the pairing doesn't ping you.

An Exercise in Using Addictive Stimulants (One Milk, Two Sugar) to Get Women by [pirateygoodness] (Izzie/Addison, PG-13)
     It starts, unsurprisingly, as another round of the strange game of Musical Supply Closets that the hospital is constantly playing.
I like the way this deals with the surrounding issues and eases into the relationship.

The Fifty-Point Scrabble Bonus by Amy ("Ship: Um. All the canonical ones through 2.20, plus Cristina/Izzie" ; "Rating: It... it started at G, and all of a sudden it was NC-17. Dude, I don't know. I just work here." ; 2,770 words)
     Authorial Summary: Just play a game with her. You'll see.

Forget It by Jennifer-Oksana (Heroes crossover, PG, Spoilers: Heroes 3.11)
     Authorial Summary: There's a missing patient at Seattle Grace.
Yup, if this were to happen it would happen pretty much like this.

Fragments Of Lines Written On The Bathroom Walls In Ten Different Fandoms by Amy (100 words each)
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy, Veronica Mars, Battlestar Galactica, Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stargate Atlantis, Roswell, Lost, Angel, and Alias
     The Grey's Anatomy one is just so perfect to the show.

I Think I Love You by Jennifer-Oksana (Cristina/Meredith, mentions of the canon ships; PG-13/R; Spoilers: 3.20)
     I haven't been following this show much at all this season, but this feels really believable.

Little Women by ijemanja (Meredith/Cristina, R, 451 words) [personal lj link]
     This is terrific. The voices and the quips and the ideas. Fun and believable.

Manual Transmission by [pirateygoodness] (Izzie/various, gentle R, post-S2 finale)
     Authorial Summary: Izzie's always been one of those girls who notices her date's hands.
A very interesting look at the people Izzie has (or could be) in a relationship with.

The Next Best Thing to Pillow Fights in Skimpy Underwear by [pirateygoodness] (Meredith/Izzie, R/NC-17)
     Early first season, Meredith is dealing with having roommates and Izzie takes it upon herself to relieve the situation.

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions (or, Nobody's Going to Get a Cookie Unless You Two Stop Fighting) by [pirateygoodness] (PG, post-S2 finale)
     Authorial Summary: George just wanted to do something nice. Post-finale.
This is great -- both plot and characterization.

Seattle Grace's Scandalous Lesbian Affair, as Told Through Sports Terminology by [pirateygoodness] (Izzie/Addison, R)
     Authrorial Summary: Four semi-athletic phrases. Four ficlets. Two doctors.

Something Better by Amy (Izzie/George, PG-13)
     The voices are so. true., and George and Izzie are both so adorable, and this is just so good.

Thankful For Small Kindnesses by [pirateygoodness] (Izzie/Addison, PG, 206 words)
     I don't watch the show, so I don't actually know if the characterization of Derek works with canon, but it certainly works for me; and this fic does a great job of showing how/why Addison would move from a relationship with Derek to a relationship with someone like Izzie.

This Terrible Mess by Pen (Roswell crossover, Isabel, PG)
     A poignant way of connecting these two universes (neither of which I know much about, but which fic I found moving anyway).

Too Darn Hot by Jennifer-Oksana (Cristina/Meredith NC-17, Spoilers: Season 3 Finale)
    "The only time I want to be hot and sticky is if I'm getting fucked." / "So if I was fucking you, right now, you'd shut up about how fucking hot it is?"
I enjoyed this a lot. The voices are spot-on, and the whole thing is a fun ride.

Two Beer Queer by Amy and nifra idril (Izzie/Addison, NC-17?)
     I love this look at Izzie, and Addison, and how they work together.

Untitled by Amy and pearl-o
     Amy and Pearl imagining what conversations might ensue amongst the girls if Burke turned out to be bisexual.

Untitled (commentfic) by Amy (Cristina, various pairings)
     Cristina lost her virginity to a boy in high school, because it seemed like something to do.

Untitled ("Song 189: The Innocence Mission, Bright as Yellow") by Amy (RPF)
     No one in the cast of Grey's Anatomy is sleeping together. Literally, none of them. There has never been a night spent in another person's bed. That's not to say people haven't done... things.

Water and Logic and Hunger by voleuse (Addison/Callie/Izzie, PG-13, Set after 3.10)
     I love Izzie baking, and this is just really great -- the stumbling quality and the dreamlike quality and the progression and just the good.

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