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I was reading (and reccing) enough fic in this fandom that I thought it about time to give it its own page.

The Burning Keeps Me Alive by Mosca (Claire/Elle; Rating: NC-17 for sex, violence, and language; Spoilers/Continuity: Through the end of the second season; Word Count: about 1,300.)
     In a something of a post-apocalyptic future, Claire and Elle are traveling together. Changed, to be sure, but still believably themselves.

Clarity by RivkaT (Claire-centric, PG-13, post-"Fallout" [1.11])
    Set just after "Fallout" (1.11). Well-written and solidly characterized. Claire-centric, but with interesting insight into Mrs. Bennet. I like this thoughtful and pragmatic Claire who is still struggling.
Authorial Summary: Now that you can't die, what are you going to do with your life?

Clothing Does Make the Man by Zahra (Nathan/Peter, PG, Spoilers for 1.19 '.07%')
    Peter is astonishingly sexy here. And yeah, it's incredibly hot.

Family Ways by Selena (Claire POV, post-S1)
    Authorial Summary: Obligatory past finale story, co-starring the Bennet and Petrelli family. Claire pov.
This feels very believable and is clearly well thought out.

Finding Jim Morrison by Zahra (Peter, Nathan; PG)
     On Peter's sixth birthday, Nathan sends him on his first treasure hunt.
This is a beautiful, engaging story which works wonderfully even with no prior knowledge of the characters.

Five Times Nathan Petrelli Crashed Down to Earth by Yahtzee (gen, PG, spoilers through the entire first season)
     Authorial Summary: Five times Nathan Petrelli's ideas about the world collided with reality, for better or for worse. // The second one is stunning, but all are solid.

Forget It by Jennifer-Oksana (Grey's Anatomy crossover, PG, Spoilers: Heroes 3.11)
     Authorial Summary: There's a missing patient at Seattle Grace.
Yup, if this were to happen it would happen pretty much like this.

George Bernard Shaw by The Brat Queen (PG; post-finale; 4,458 words)
    Authorial Summary: If he couldn't be President of the United States he was at least going to be president of the God-damn living room.
Her Nathan-voice is spot-on, and the glimpses we get of the other characters feel true, too (hi, Micah!). Despite the pairing warning, Nathan's love for Peter in this fic is really not shippy for most of it.

Illusions by Selena (Candice-centric, PG 13, spoilers for all of S1)
    Authorial Summary: Candice gets hired to impersonate Nathan Petrelli.
I really like Candice's thoughtful planning and just generally the well-rounded-ness her character gets in this fic. The characterization is solid all 'round, but I'm also particularly impressed by this possible post-finale Peter.

In My Dreams it's Always You by Zahra (Nathan, Nathan/Peter; Spoilers through 1.18) [non-lj link]
    Some dreams are so lifelike that we mistake them for memories.
This is great.

Interpreted Languages by thedeadparrot (SGA crossover, Micah-centric, PG, Spoilers through Heroes 2x01 and SGA 4x01, 1000 words)
     Micah is on Atlantis, talking to the machines. This made me all teary and I have only the barest familiarity with Stargate.

Jealousy, Man, it's a Bitch by Zahra (Peter, vague Peter/Nathan; PG; Spoilers for 1.14 'Distractions') [non-lj link]
      I love Peter. This is a very real-feeling look at what might happen after that scene in "Distractions," with great insight into Peter's relationship with Nathan but also into Peter himself.

The Judges Totally Deduct Points for Superpowers by [pirateygoodness] (Stick It crossover; Haley Graham, Candace; PG-13; Spoilers: Heroes 1.18 "Parasite"; 867 words)
     Authorial Summary: The first time Haley does it, she freaks out. (An origin story, in a way.)

Neverland by Zahra (Peter Petrelli, Nathan Petrelli; G; pre-series)
     "He is a Petrelli; he's big on control. He doesn't like inexplicable occurrences, but that's what Peter is. That's what Peter does. Since the day he came into Nathan's life, he's just sort of happened, and Nathan has been trying to control him ever since."

No Flying in the House by luna [tangleofthorns] (The West Wing crossover, Nathan Petrelli & Will Bailey, PG for language)
     This is adorable -- Will noticing the new Senator and noticing how something isn't quite right.

Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men by Amy (Micah and Molly gen; PG; post-S1 finale; somewhere in the neighborhood of 32,000 words)
     Authorial Summary: Just because they're younger doesn't mean they're not heroes. // Man, if S2 had actually gone this way. The kids are believably kids, but I still really like them. And there is plot and so many bonus touches.

Rebellion by Cadence K. (Heidi/Niki, Hard R, Post-S1) [personal lj link]
     This feels remarkably believable, and I support more Heidi femslash :)

What's Love Got to Do With It? by Zahra (Angela, Nathan/Peter; PG; Spoilers through 1.18)
     This is a very believable look at where Angela might have been coming from in raising her boys -- and it also holds up well even given later S1 episodes.

wherever you go, the earth just opens up by Zahra (Peter/Nathan, Post S1-Finale)
    Amnesia!fic never interested me, but I really like this fic. That Peter and Nathan's relationship would feel so core to them even with a loss of everything feels very believable. And Zahra actually deals with the situation, not just using it as an excuse for porn.

X Will Mark the Place Like a Parting of the Waves by Zahra (Nathan/Peter Petrelli, R, AU, Spoilers: General for the series) [non-lj link]
      In an alternate universe Nathan and Peter Petrelli are identical twins.
Peter says he was only first because Nathan shoved him out so that Nathan could make his grand entrance. Nathan is all about appearances.

You Can Be Mean and I'll Drink All the Time by Zahra (Nathan Petrelli. Hiro Nakamura; PG-13; Missing scene from 1.05 'Hiros', Spoilers through 1.07) [non-lj link]
     Nathan is very believable, Hiro doesn't grate on me too much, and the very end was good for my heart.

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