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I, too, find that I like fanon Hermione and my personal Hermione a lot more than I like the actual character. Then again, I think JKR's real strength is in the world creation and background, not the actual storytelling, so that's probably why. The IDEA of Hermione is so much more interesting than Hermione actually turns out to be.
I first encountered JKR's series about 10 years ago, and I have moved from really liking the books and not being interested in fanfic for them, to really liking the fanfic for the world and not much liking or being interested in the books.

I've been reading so much Harry Potter that I thought it should have its own page instead of just being on the Non-Whedonverse page, though it seems strange, giving it its own page since only the Whedon fandoms had that, and HP is so not on par with Whedonverse for me, on so many levels.

I have bizarre 'ship interests, but for the most part it's the potential of assorted characters rather than pairing dynamics that drives my fic interest (in contrast to most fandoms where I'm very interested in seeing just about everybody paired up).

So I decided that I would modify the grid format I used for BtVS/Angel and Firefly (stolen from Doyle) and just categorize the stories by which characters were major players in the stories, trying not to give away surprises.

However, I also wanted to retain the browseable list format. So the list is here, and the grid is here.

24 Hours by Kate Bolin (Hermione/Ginny, PG-13)
     One Day. 24 half-drabbles.

Aftermath by Flora (~1225 words)
     How the Weasley brothers help Ginny deal with the events in HP and the Chamber of Secrets...or not help, as the case may be.

After the End by cesario (Harry, Snape)
     Part of a drabbles by mail exchange. Handwritten version here; typed version here. I really like this look at what it would be like to become a part of history.

All Change by Pandarus (Hermione, Ron, Harry)
     Hermione wakes up a boy. A cliche parody fic that's damn funny.

All For One by casira (Harry/Ron/Hermione)
     Authorial Summary: Wherein Hermione reads slash, Ron is easily scandalized and Harry just might need to listen to that little voice in the back of his head...

All Too Sweet to Last by Annakovsy (Hermione, PG)
     Set the summer after 6th year. After the War, Muggle teenagers. Sweet and ouchy and yummy and painful.

The Amazing Bust of Nymphadora Tonks by thistlerose (PG)
     Tonks was 12 years old and her body had given her breasts. She had always been able to control her body's changes before.

and you, my wayward girl by Thistlerose (Neville/Luna; R; Approx. 3,100 words)
     Authorial Summary: Luna Lovegood defies cartography.
The author uses this theme beautifully, with evocative details and spot-on voices. (Set substantially post-series.)

Another Shade of Violet by Sioniann [happiestwhen] (Tonks, R)
     Authorial Summary: If one can be anyone, is there even such a thing as self?

April's Fool by casira (Ginny/Luna; PG-13; 1,700 words)
     This is adorable. Great voice, lovely light tone, and charming details.

Arctic Fires by Camwyn (1195 words)
    Authorial Summary: As another year draws to its close, a Canadian Floo Network operator prepares for a very special visitor.
Given my Issues, I should by rights hate this fic, but when I reached the end I found myself thinking "Aww" non-sarcastically.

The Art of Falling by animimares (Luna/Pansy, PG-13, 1.610 words)
      Authorial Summary: We all fall at times.
I'm not a particular fan of Pansy, but I love Luna and was intrigued by the pairing. Pansy's relationship with Draco and also with Luna both feel really believable and make Pansy into a much more fleshed-out character than she comes across as in the books.

Beautiful Child by Paranoid Kitten
     Tonks, watching Ginny. A short, tender piece.

Betrayal by [sang_dencre] (post-GoF Cho, PG, 100 words)
     A very believable look at how Cho's guilt might manifest.

Between You and the Giant Squid by victoria p. (James/Lily, G)
     This is a very believable travel through their years at Hogwarts, through the ebb and flow of their feelings for each other, and Victoria actually succeeds in making me not dislike James.

Bibbed Egg Owls, Lot Mourns by kaalee (Neville, G)
     Neville tries to make sense of the "Drooble's Best Blowing Gum" wrappers his mother gives him. Which sounds like a ridiculous story, but it's Neville trying so hard to make sense of things, to fix things, and it's really rather painful.

Blaise's Fathers by Redcandle17 (PG)
     Authorial Summary: Blaise has had many fathers.
An evocative piece about the women Blaise's mother has married.
Remix: Black Widow (The Blaise's Mum Has Got It Going On Tango) by Marks (PG-13)
     First of all, could the title be any more perfect? This fic fleshes out the husbands as well as Blaise's mother herself -- makes her actually somewhat sympathetic.

Breaking by Sophie Richard (Minerva/Luna, NC-17)
     Authorial Summary: Luna tries to convince Minerva not to hold back.

Bright Girls Blush by DebbieB (G)
     Hermione and McGonagall talk about Hermione's future. Some lovely insights into both women.

butterfly by marginalia (luna/ginny)
     drabble. a beautiful look at the dynamic of the two of them together.

Calligraphilia by [lotesseflower] (Hermione, NC-17)
     Above all things Hermione Granger loves words.
This is hot and has so much to love about it.

The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be by Jane St. Clair (Crabbe/Goyle, NC-17)
     After fifth year, Draco shuts himself away and Crabbe and Goyle are left with each other. I never expected to care about Crabbe and Goyle, but Jane gives them humanity, and the fact that their situation fits into one of my fic!kinks doesn't hurt.

Caught by Flora (Neville/Harry, NC-17, 1650 words)
     I love the explanation of the genderfuck, and it's worth reading for that alone even if the pairing isn't your cuppa.

Caught by Flora (Winnie the Pooh crossover, Ron/Tigger, 100 words)
     This never would have occurred to me, but it's really lovely, slightly silly (as it should be), and not squicky.

Chance Met by Flora (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory crossover, Remus Lupin & Grandpa Joe, PG)
     Grandpa Joe calls for help for Charlie the only place he knows.

The Chocolate Factory by Ignipes (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory crossover, Sirius, gen, PG, "This is an AU post-OotP crossover that blithely ignores the existence of both Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.")
     Authorial Summary: After falling through the veil in the Department of Mysteries, Sirius Black wakes up in a most unexpected place.

"Choices" or "Five Ways Hermione Granger Could Have Lost Her Virginity" by femmenerd (Hermione POV; Hermione/Krum, Hermione/Ginny, Hermione/Original Male Character, Hermione/Harry, Hermione/Ron; NC17; Spoilers for all seven books; About 5300 words)
     I love the Viktor section so so much, they're all solid.

Clean by phineas (Ginny/Hermione, R)
     Sex with a girl is different.

cleverness before common sense by Pogrebin (Cho/Luna, R)
     Set mostly during OotP. Luna's cold logic and Cho's grief combine to form some twisted things. This Luna is more... metallic than I like to think of her as, but the fic is so good.

Corpus Incendio by julia_fractal (Hermione, R)
     A chilling look at hidden history and what people do with that knowledge.

Crush by victoria p. (Hermione/Lupin, PG)
     Set during Book 3. Hermione has a crush on Professor Lupin. Hot and intense.

Curiosities by Penknife (X-Men crossover)
     A young Tom Riddle meets a young Erik Lehnsherr. Chilling, but not in the ways I had expected.

Diamond by Merry Contrary (G)
     Luna Lovegood's parents before they get together. Great ideas and very true-feeling.

The Dragon and the Mermaid's Son [Nikki (Chrono Cross)/Draco Malfoy (HP)/Claude Monet (painter)] by Kristin (PG-13)
     This makes me wish I knew Chrono Cross, but it makes a surprising amount of sense regardless and is just damn pretty (and not even in a "Tom Felton is hot" kind of way, but more like "Monet is my favorite painter" for starters -- though liking Monet's work is completely not a requirement for enjoying this story).

Dudley Dursley and the Hogwarts Letter (the Top of the Pops Remix) by kindkit (Dudley Dursley, Lily Potter, Harry Potter, James Potter; AU; G) [personal lj link]
    Authorial Summary: Dudley's never going to get a Hogwarts letter.
They all remain so very much themselves, but I don't hate any of them. Very interesting (and mildly disturbing) look at what it would be like to be a Squib in the Wizarding World.

Escapees by KindKit (Remus/Sirius, PG, 100 words)
     Very poignant look at Sirius after Azkaban and Remus watching him.

exhausted by marginalia
     drabble. hogwarts. the end is coming.

eyes as clear as centuries by marginalia (neville & luna)
     On really seeing people.

eyes big love-crumbs by Isilya (Hermione/Hermione)
     I think this was the first HP fic I ever read. Written for phineasjones' "i like my body when it is with your body..." (e.e.cummings) challenge. I'm less in love with it than I was when I first read it, but the end still nails it for me.

figures of eight by Pogrebin (Padma & Nagas)
     After the War. Dark and beautiful. So much myth.

First Signs of Magic: Hermione Granger by Icarus (PG-13)
     A great look at Hermione's powers first manifesting, looking at Hermione, her family, and the way the Wizarding World deals with this.

Five Famous Wizarding Vacation Spots by marginaliana
     This has great voice and attention to detail.

Foundations by St. Aurafina (Helga Hufflepuff/Rowena Ravenclaw, PG)
     Authorial Summary: A thousand years or more ago, the first stones are being laid at Hogwarts and Rowena is determined that there will be no secrets between the four wizards.
I like how grounded this is in the building of Hogwarts (it's not just the love story of Helga and Rowena -- but the characterizations all feel true for these archetypes of the Houses we know ... without slipping into stereotypes).

Frog Prince by LizBee (PG-13)
     Authorial Summary: Snape and Lily have a reluctant conversation in their sixth year potions class.

Gently Together by thistlerose (Ginny/Neville, PG)
     Set during Harry's 6th year. Cute and sweet and in-character.

The Hall of Mirrors by Ignipes (Phineas Nigellus and the Grey Lady, PG, 2700 words)
     Authorial Summary: The story of Hogwarts' least popular headmaster, the castle's most mysterious ghost, and an unlikely friendship that begins with a murder and never ends.
Very evocative and engrossing.

Harvest by switchknife (Padma Patil / Parvati Patil, R)
     Culture divides, differentiation, sameness, and choices.

Hermione's Good Fortune by victoria p. (Ron/Hermione)
     Hermione doesn't want to die a virgin. Ron/Hermione doesn't interest me, but this didn't have a pairing notation, so I started reading and found myself enjoying it. I'm still not interested in the pairing, but the story is quite good.

Home Is the Place Where by Kyra Cullinan (Petunia and Harry, PG)
     Authorial Summary: Petunia and Harry at the end of the world.
Very believable. And it's Kyra; do I need to say any more?

If A Troubled Mirror by Jennifer-Oksana
     Authorial Summary: McGonagall, Dumbledore, and the dark shadows within and without.

Incurable by Ari (crossover with BtVS and Firefly; McGonagall/Giles/River, with other pairings implied)
     Authorial Summary: The Room of Requirement, an insane asylum, a cottage in France, and three very broken people.

Just Like My Daddy by Liz Barr
     This is a creepy look at the kind of Pureblood family James Potter might come from.

The Last Gasp by Telanu
      Tiny ficlet that packs a punch.

The Last Wyvern by Essy (G) [anyone have working contact info?]
     Authorial Summary: The Last Wyvern is a fable told by the four founders in an attempt to direct the attentions of their students. Each founder ended the tale at a different point with a different moral and all four versions are recorded here as they appear on page 1267 of Hogwarts: A History.

Life in a Vacant Lot by Kyllikki (Hermione, PG)
     Sequel to Kovsky's skater!Hermione fic and makes much more sense if you read that first. After everything's over yet again, Hermione goes back to a "normal" life yet again. The coping and the details, and this is just so good.

A Life Less Ordinary by Kyra Cullinan (Hermione)
     And now she's twelve, and a witch, and monsters are real.

Light a Candle by victoria p. (1,558 words) [non-lj link]
     Better to light a candle than curse the darkness. Harry and the others have a memorial for Sirius (though not in the way you might expect). This is a beautiful scene with wonderful details, and really made me feel fondly toward Sirius, which is unusual for me.

Into The Light Of The Dark Black Night by k (Lily-centric, PG) [author commentary]
     I really like this look at Lily (from pre-Hogwarts to her death, though it focuses on her Hogwarts years). We see Petunia growing away from her, we see her interacting with OC Hogwarts students, we see her interacting with the Marauders.

The Long Kiss Goodbye by victoria p. (Remus/Lily, PG)
     Authorial Summary: Remus is safe, Remus is gay, Remus is in love with Sirius, and all of that is true, except this is Lily.

Looking Back by mari4212 (Founders era fic, G)
     A very believable look at the founding of Hogwarts, with a Rowena I love and an achingly plausible reason for Salazar's anti-Muggle-ness.

Lopsided Tie by Minisinoo (Cedric|Hermione friendship)
     Authorial Summary: Thrown together in a moment of downtime at the Yule Ball, Cedric and Hermione share a conversation. Advice about boys is given. [one-shot]

The Made-Up Things by K. M. Petravich (Narnia crossover, PG)
     Authorial Summary: Once upon a time, there were four children, whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. And then all that was left was Susan, who had two daughters. One was named Petunia, and one was named Lily.

Magic by dorrie6 (BtVS crossover, Willow/Hermione)
     Drabble. Cheesy, but sweet. And in-character.

The Mating Habits Of The Crumple-Horned Snorkack (And How It Relates To Ginny Weasley) by Netgirl (Luna/Ginny, PG)
     Luna is forthright and odd and endearing, and I love her for it.

Memorial Inscriptions by Vanzetti (BtVS/HP, Dawn Summers/Hermione Granger, PG)
     Authorial Summary: Numerology, demonology, ice cream and bad drama.

Multiple Choice Questions by Netgirl (Hermione/Ron, post-OotP, PG)
     The summer after Order of the Phoenix. Things change and things stay the same.

A Name For It On Horses by zionsstarfish (Harry/Draco, PG)
      I don't buy Harry/Draco in canon, but people change and it is well within the realm of possibility that they would end up together. This domestic story feels true to the characters.

Nameless by victoria p. (HP/BtVS, Harry/Faith)
      Authorial Summary: Tonight, he's just a nameless fuck in a nameless Muggle club, and he finds that oddly comforting.

The Nature of Beauty by dorrie6 (Harry/Neville, Neville/Flowers; PG)
     I'm not a huge fan of a lot of the stuff that frames this vignette, but Neville is heartbreakingly wonderful.

The Next Hero by Hth (BtVS crossover) [send feedback to: bettyplot @ yahoo.com ]
     Giles and Dumbledore. Not quite how you would expect.

Nice Work If You Can Get It by Kay Taylor (G)
     Hermione gets a Muggle job, and after so much time as a Witch finds herself strongly disconnected from that which should be her home.

No Harm, But No Certain Good by victoria p. (Remus/Lily) [non-lj link]
     Authorial Summary: None of this romance shite for us, she says.

Not According to Script by victoria p. (Hermione)
     This is short and just wonderful. To explain would ruin the surprise, but you should read it.

Obeisance by jjtaylor (Hermione/McGonagall, NC-17)
     Hermione is severely punished by a harsh McGonagall for an infraction against Gryffindor, is unwillingly aroused during punishment.
Warnings: Spanking. Dubious consent.

Of Morning and Mourning by Sionnain (Minerva/Albus, T/PG13)
     Spoilers for HBP. Great description. Makes established Minerva/Albus feel so natural.

Once More, With Nocturne Alley
     A Harry Potter role-playing game does its own version of the BtVS musical episode. Hysterical, and not long enough by half.

one for sorrow by Lilith Morgana (Eileen Prince, R)
     Author Notes: A little story about shades of culpability and love and Sectumsempra, my favourite curse ;)

The Opposite of Secrets by After the Rain (G, Contains references to HBP canon; major spoilers are implied.)
     Authorial Summary: During Harry's seventh year, Luna Lovegood and Susan Bones uncover a secret that two of the Founders left behind.
Luna is perfectly in-character, and I really like the ideas in this fic.

Palindrome by rheenie (George Weasley/Harry Potter, PG)
     Really I just love the structure of this.

Parrot by Penknife (PotC crossover)
     Young Jack Sparow a student at olden Hogwarts? Yes, this is it exactly.

Pass the Days With Someone by Chloe (Molly/Arthur, PG-13)
     "Molly was a Weasley before she married Arthur."

The Past and Pending by dorrie6 (BtVS crossover, Willow Rosenberg & Neville Longbottom, PG, "This is set between BTVS seasons 6 & 7, when Willow is in England with Giles, which according to the HP timeline, puts Neville in his early twenties and [for the purposes of this story] mid-war.")
     Neville is sent by the Ministry to investigate Willow. I really like what's revealed about both characters and how it's done.

The Perils Of Domestic Bliss by Netgirl (McGonagall/Hooch, PG)
     Authorial Summary: They've been married nearly forty years, they have a routine.

Phoenix by tartanshell (Moody, PG)
     Post-HBP. Authorial Summary: Surviving is never easy.

A Place to Be by Jintian (Harry, Neville; R)
     Harry and Neville, after the War. The author lists it as Harry/Neville, and you could read it that way if you tried, but I'm disinclined to. It's more about Neville than about Harry, though partly that's how I read it because I'm more about Neville than about Harry. Anyway, it's dark and it pulls you in and down.

A Pretty Girl by Chloe (Goyle, slight Harry/Draco; Small spoilers for HBP)
     Goyle sort of likes being a girl.

The Promise of Something by Dulcinea (Lily/Petunia, NC-17)
     Explicit sex between underage sisters, but the important part is the really interesting insight into Petunia and her relationship with Lily.

Pulling by Lalejandra (Hermione, Post-War)
     "Strong is fighting. It's hard, and it's painful, and it's every day. It's what we have to do."

Rational Romance by sephycat (Cho/Padma, PG-13)
     Authorial Summary: Padma can't help analysing everything, including the semi-secret relationship she has with Cho.

Red by Jennifer-Oksana
     Authorial Summary: In one of a thousand possible futures. Ginny's fascinated and Luna's dancing.

Red and the Wolf by Mieko (Remus/Lily; NC-17; 1,795 words) [restrictedsection.org: free registration required]
     Writing/reading stories on the body.

Remus Lupin, Early Pioneer in the History of Magical Minority Rights by Maggie [magnetic_pole] (1900 words)
     Authorial Summary: Wilhelmina Weasley writes an essay about her hero in the history of Magical Minority rights.
This is sweet and believable and solid and good.

The Room with a Computer by Minisinoo (XMM crossover; timeline: HP book 6, post-X2)
    Scott is hired as a Muggle Studies professor at Hogwarts. I love the look at how the mutant/Muggle and Wizarding worlds might perceive each other. I love how Scott teaches his class, and I love the character development and interactions we see.

Scary Monsters by Penknife (Remus, PG)
     Authorial Summary: It's not easy having monsters in the family. Remus Lupin (and Fenrir Greyback), gen.
This is a very real-feeling look at what growing up might have been like for Remus, and I really like the ways in which it is complicated.

Six Impossible Things That Happened to Ginny Weasley Before Breakfast by Thistlerose (Ginny/Luna, PG)
     Set during Harry's sixth year. Ginny has a bad day, but things get better.

Six Lies Remus Lupin Never Told by xylodemon (PG-13, implied Remus/Sirius and Remus/Lily) [non-lj link]
     The author explains, "The scenes are in chronological order, but they are not in the same universe, if that makes sense."
This makes me want Remus/Lily.

Sixteen ways to tell the Weasley twins apart by kaydee falls
     This is by turns fun, adorable, sweet, tender, and other good adjectives.

Something to Squeal About by Amanuensis (Luna/Cho, NC-17)
     Authorial Summary: Luna disciplines Cho, who's so pretty when she takes it.

Spark by Jane St Clair (Molly Weasley, PG)
     You know, we never hear about The First War. This is dark and rich and balances the War at both a personal and a broader level.

Straight by Mieko (Penelope/Cho; NC-17; 828 words) [restrictedsection.org: free registration required]
     There is nothing straight about Penelope, though this story still takes canon into account. So very hot. And lots of interesting bits about straightness and . . . non-straightness.

Straight, No Chaser by Laura Smith (Pairing: R/S, J/L, R/L, J/S; Rating: R)
     Authorial Summary: Misunderstandings abound!
I don't even like the Marauders that much, but this fic had me laughing out loud.

Sweets from Mummy by Amberina (Draco/Narcissa, NC-17)
     This is my latest dirtybadwrong kink, and it's difficult to find the pairing let alone the pairing written the way I want it, but Amberina really nails it in the second half of this fic.

That Teenage Feeling by mosca (BtVS crossover; Rupert Giles/Remus Lupin; post-"Chosen" and Half-Blood Prince; NC-17; about 4,200 words)
     Authorial Summary: Two Englishmen meet in a strange city, share a drink, and cast several spells.
I love the thoughtfulness of this -- both the attention to detail and the measured pace.

They Call It Peace by Lilith Morgana (Hermione/Draco, NC-17)
     Authorial Summary: It's autumn in Hogsmeade and she knows Draco Malfoy is watching her in the evenings, as she walks between the empty pubs and shops. // It's autumn and it's not love and this is why she can stay with him. He would never kill for her; she would never die for him and the nights are too long this time of the year for anyone to be alone. Hermione/Draco in a post-Hogwarts world. Angst.

Things That Don't Exist by shadoedseptmbr (PG-13)
     A really interesting POV perspective.

Third Chances by Llama (Remus/Hermione, Remus/Lily; R)
     I'm developing a serious weakness for both these pairings, and I love how they're combined here. The Authorial Summary ("Remus has never had anything of his own.") sums it up well.

This Sucks by victoria p. (Draco/Hermione, G)
     Dead letter. I just love this.

A Thousand Wishes by _hannelore
     Inspired, among other things, by that infamous scene in the PoA trailer. This story combines so many things I love so much. And it's so sad, but so real.

Trespass Sweetly Urged by Thistlerose (Ginny/Luna, R, approx. 1500 words)
     Magical tattooes FOR THE WIN. This whole thing is really lovely -- beautiful and tender.

True Form by Julia Fractal (Hermione/Tonks, NC-17)
     Authorial Summary: In the midst of war and loss, Hermione tries to uncover Tonks' true form.

Trust the Morning by dorrie6 (BtVS crossover; Neville/Oz; PG; 7 drabbles, 700 words)
     From across the room Oz could smell him, all fresh greens and warm earth, with a strong hint of black tea.

unsticking the shadow by Pogrebin
     The figure is gone, but the power is not. A Hermione-centric look at what Voldemort means for Mudbloods, and how things spiral.

Voyages of the Thinking Cap by Andrea 13, Persephone_Kore, and Alan Sauer
     Andrea13 has a series of 6 pieces about the Sorting Hat, but I think this one is the best. It's Founders-era and full of plot. The other pieces are interesting, too, though -- interrogating the qualities each house values, trying to move beyond just stereotypes, and often giving tantalizing hints of what could have been for various Hogwarts students. The Marauders-era Legacy of the Thinking Cap is particularly good. And there's a bit at the end that just breaks me.

Walking Shadow by Pogrebin (Hermione, Harry)
     After the defeat of Voldemort, a dark look at the power of words and stories.

The way around, the way through by victoria p. (Firefly crossover crossover; Remus, River; gen; 1650 words)
     Authorial Summary: "You're like Simon. Simon keeps me from going too far. Always takes the way around, instead of the way through."
This works so well.

Weasleys Wizard Wheezes: The Ministry Disapproved Edition (The Liability Remix) by sullensiren (PG; Spoilers: Through OotP, I suppose.)
     The original is a very fun (illustrated) catalog of Fred and George's products. The remix adds fabulous critiques and commentary through Percy (working for the Ministry).

Weather Patterns by sioniann (Neville/Luna, NC-17)
     Authorial Summary: It's you and him and the grass, and that feels nice.

What is Right and What is Easy by Zahra (Cedric/Viktor; Cedric/Cho; NC-17) [non-lj link]
    A really interesting look into Hufflepuff House and Cedric in particular. Follows through to the end of GoF.

When Most He Plays the Devil by nimori (AU, James/Harry, NC-17) [scroll down on page, registration required]
     An AU in which Harry's parents lived. Harry is barely thirteen. It's so wrong. I hate James. And yet it's so hot. This is an incest fic that actually manages to squick me hardcore, because it's hot and seriously wrong, whereas most of my incest is consensual enough that it doesn't squick me. This has seriously ambiguous consent, and the power dynamics make it so wrong and just youch.
     dorrie6's rec reads: "Big big warnings for chan, incest, and ambiguous consent. I have no idea why I clicked, but as it turned out, the fic is really brilliant. James is stunningly manipulative in this story, even with the reader, I think. He manages to turn the situation around in his head to convince himself (and Harry) that it is okay, and it is frighteningly effective and really disturbing. My appreciation of it is as a dark tale of a powerful abuse of trust, and as such it is very well-written. Worth checking out if you can handle the warnings. "

Woman Eater by jjtaylor (McGonagall/Hermione, R)
     You can't learn everything from books...
AN: Inspired by Switchknife's excellent Pansy/Hermione of the same title.

Woman Eater by Switchknife (Pansy/Hermione, NC-17)
     That dark gritty kind of sex you don't want to admit you want.

Wordless by Penknife (Arthur Weasley) [non-lj link]
     Arthur and the Muggle world and his family. So true-feeling and poignant.

You Have to Really Want It by victoria p. (James/Lily)
      This gets a rec because she makes me actually like James/Lily.

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