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Other Icons

Asia Argento

Bai Ling (image source: June 2005 Playboy)

Bif Naked

Charlize Theron

(Image source: Elle.)

(Image source: George.)

Judi Dench

(Original image from the 1976 Royal Shakespeare Company production of Macbeth as seen in the Oxford School Shakespeare Macbeth.)

(Original image from this article.)

(Original image from Tea with Mussolini.)

(Original image from The World Is Not Enough.)

(Original image from Iris.)

(Original images from The Chronicles of Riddick.)

X-Men What If 98: Children in the Attic

(Image source: scans_daily)


(text from "willing to fight" by ani difranco')

(text from a SIKOS Celebration skit)

(Ellen Page image from X3 website; text idea from behindblue_eyes)

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