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Fics set during/after the movie or informed by movie canon.

I firmly believe people should see this movie unspoiled. I refused to post a detailed response in my LJ after I saw an Advance Screening in May. I refused to post links to fics dealing with the Serenity movie until after it had come out in the States.

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Aftermath by Shealynn88 (PG)
Part I: Zoe (The Battle Within) -- Zoe grieves. Intense.
Part II: Mal -- Mal and Zoe share a drink.
Part III: Inara -- Mal asks Inara for help. This is so my favorite installment.
Part IV: Kaylee -- Kaylee hurts, too.

After(shock) by Ana
     A painful and true-feeling look at what it might be like for the crew after the movie.

Afterword by brynnmck
     Everyone's mourning is spot-on, and there is comfort, too.

Air by Ana (Inara/Kaylee, R)
      After the movie. Breaks up Simon/Kaylee in a believable non-vilifying way, and shows us very believably how Inara might change after the events of the film.

Alice's Room by Mhalachai (River-centric, PG) [personal lj link]
     A fascinating, and chillingly possible, AU.

All Grown Up by Jessie (PG)
     Authorial Summary: River considers her career options. Mal and Jayne... help.

All just folk now by Hope
     Post-movie vignettes for each character. The Inara one is amazing. Also, Jayne. And Mal. And Kaylee.

Beautiful Destruction by alianora (PG)
     Authorial Summary: Jayne and Zoë, behind blast doors. River-centric.
Great Jayne voice.

Betrayal by [remember_nomore]
     Post-movie. Really interesting POV.

Big Damn Captains by [corellianjedi] (Star Wars crossover; G; post-movie; 2,189 words)
     Authorial Summary: Malcolm Reynolds makes a new acquaintance in a Mos Eisley cantina.

The Black by Jen Northwood
     Authorial Summary: The black means different things to different people, but Mal and Zoe at least know they'll always find their way in it.
Some great insights into Mal, Zoe, and Wash.

Blooming Cactus by babies stole my dingo (agilebrit) // (Jayne/Zoe, PG-13 for language and violence, ~3200 words)
      The author does a really good job of showing how Zoe would deal after the events of the movie and how she might break down, and showing how/why she and Jayne might really work together.

Broken Toys by Rummi (PG)
     Mal POV. Begins on the bridge and ends in the hold with a conversation with Zoe.

Clear Brightness by Jen Northwood
     This won me early on with its usage of the Chinese Day of the Dead. It's so evocative, and River is just perfect.

Complicated by DeeDee (Inara, Inara/Mal) [non-lj link]
     Authorial Summary: Inara chooses for herself.

Copia by Layton Colt
     A wonderful look at Simon et al post-movie.

Daughters of Jerusalem by Hth (Mal/Inara, Mal/River)
     One of those fics where every line you wanna point and say "That's amazing." The Mal voice is spot-on, and all the details.... One of those fics I just wanna live in.
Remix: Daughters of Jerusalem (Canticle for These Women) by victoria p. (Mal/Inara, Mal/River; PG)
     The original is told in third person and focuses on Inara and River, but of course Victoria focuses on Mal's POV, and her Mal voice is so solid, and she offers new insights into Mal and other characters.

The Easy Path by [thegranddewru] (Zoe, PG-13)
     A really believable look at how Zoe would react post-movie, drawing on her history.

First Kiss by Brighid E. Stone (Mal/River)
     I love the River voice in this.
Set post-movie, but not visibly spoilery much.

Five Drinks by Kass (Mal) [lj link]
     Authorial Summary: Five drinks Malcolm Reynolds might have had.

A Girl Thing by thistlerose (Kaylee, River; PG-13)
     Authorial Summary: "There's this thing that Kaylee and River do without Simon. It's innocent, mostly. They only keep it a secret because it's more fun that way."
The only real movie spoiler is that Kaylee and Simon are an established couple.

Goodnight, Stars by nasturtium (Zoe)
     Authorial Summary: Zoe looks at the stars.
A lovely, post-movie, look at Zoe and Wash.

Gut by Sophie Richard (Mal/Simon, R)
     Spot-on dialogue and characterization. Mal won't let Simon blame himself for the events of the movie.

Half-whole by victoria p. (Zoe, G)
     A look at Zoe after the movie -- the hardness and the pain.

Haunted by walkwithheroes (River, PG)
     Girl-in-a-box, wakes up, hears voices.
Authorial Summary: River's only friends are the ghosts.

A Hundred Shades of Blue by inlovewithnight
      The header says Simon/Inara, but really it's about how Inara helps Simon and River after the movie. Full of interesting ideas about Companion Academy and also points out various weaknesses in the denouement of the movie.

I Am Not An Illusion by m.jules (Mal/River)
     Authorial Summary: Stream-of-consciousness River-thoughts through the movie.

Indistinguishable From Magic by Kieyra (PG)
      We know there must still be secrets living in River's head after the movie, and this does a great job of developing one of the more unlikely secrets.

Into the Black by Executrix
     Into the Woods words put in the mouth of Firefly/Serenity characters begun here with Claire, and elaborated on in Executrix's own LJ.

Jiě Tuō ("Emancipate, free oneself.") by m.jules (Mal/River, 919 words)
     A really interesting look at Mal and River during those tense moments after the battle, and a nice off-screen moment later on.

A Lacking in Plastic by Nichole (PG)
     Authorial Summary: They don't talk to her and everyone misses what's missing.
A really interesting post-movie fic.

The Law of Conservation of Power by Amy and Jennifer-Oksana (Battlestar Galactica crossover; PG; 4,016 words)
     Laura Roslin becomes a teacher to River. I've never seen BSG, but this fic is fascinating -- with philosophy and power dynamics and of course darkness.

A Light in the Darkness (Samsara Mix) by inalasahl (PG)
     Inara POV remix of Amy's A Light in the Darkness (which was written pre-movie).
Amy said, "when I wrote it I wanted it to be saying things about both River and Inara and it only said things about River but now this one actually, like, says stuff about Inara."
(Fic has only very mild spoilers for the movie.)

Lost and Found by queen_geek ( PG)
     Authorial Summary: None of them can ever hope to forget the ones they've lost, or the ones they've found. Post-Serenity

Making New by Tielan Firefingers (Inara, PG)
     Post-movie, a quiet look at Inara healing.

Motivational Speaking by frellingblonde (R)
     Authorial Summary: Post-movie, Simon has a few visitors.
The visitors include Mal and Jayne, so you know this is gonna be fun.

My Body and Your Brain by Executrix (Simon and Jayne, PG-13)
     Authorial Summary: A Post-Miranda AU; Simon recruits Jayne to search for River
This was written for the brains_in_a_jar challenge, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

Never by [thetoofster] (Zoe, PG)
     Authorial Summary: She'd waited until she couldn't bear not knowing.

* Of Memory by lunadatura (River)
     River is saner, but still creepy.

* Of Silence by lunadatura (Inara and Zoe)
     Authorial Summary: Zoe & Inara discuss the uses of silence.
Lying on my back, I heard music. Felt unsure and catastrophic.

* Of Space by lunadatura (Simon)
     "We all just keep moving on, Simon thought, whether we like it or not."

The One Who Needs Rest by corellianjedi (G)
     Post-movie. Authorial Summary: Zoe and River chat.

The other foot, obliquely run by victoria p.
     In the aftermath of the events of Serenity the movie. She doesn't take the easy way out.

A Place to Be by Meridian (PG-13)
     A nice look at the crew of Serenity after their deaths.

Seven Days by Wynn (Inara/Mal, PG13ish)
     Authorial Summary: He wants to muss her. Mal/Inara, post-Serenity ficlet.

Silk by [fan_elune] (PG-13)
     A remarkably believably development of Fanty and Mingo, and a look at how they view the Mal situation.

So Like Fear by Executrix
     Our crew gets a hot queer butch original character and some legal work.

Sometimes by [blueraccoon]
     A really interesting look at how life post-"Objects in Space" could have turned out for them all.

The Stars of Her Twilight, Darkening by m.jules (PG, 800 words)
     Authorial Summary: "Let the stars of its twilight be darkened; let it wait for light but have none; and let it not see the breaking dawn."
Post-movie futurefic. Heartbreaking.

Sum of Their Parts by Meridian (PG-13)
     Authorial Summary: River loses herself in the stream and lets herself be a little of everything that everyone else is. [set during the montage at the end of the film]

A Sword by Sophie Richard (Mal/River, PG)
     Authorial Summary: "Lord, let me not be a sword anymore..."

Synesthesia by Layton Colt (River, Zoe; PG)
     River can hear ghosts, but she can't hear Zoe.

Tending to Grace by victoria p. (Simon/River; PG-13; 2,743 words) [non-lj link]
     Simon finds the second time he leaves his whole life behind easier than the first.
Set post-movie, but the spoilers are few and oblique and one sees them only if one already knows the movie.

this one laughing quietly by thistlerose (Kaylee/Simon, PG-13)
     Authorial Summary: It's the little things that throw her.
This is a nice look at the little details of what their relationship might be like after they actually get together. Very sweet.
The only real movie spoiler is that they're an established couple.

That Place of Nothing by [luzdeestrellas] (Mal/Zoe)
     Zoe, coping. I found myself reminded of "War Stories" -- of Mal and his people.

To Not Regret by [browncoat_gater] (Inara/Mal, PG)
     Post-movie. Authorial Summary: Inara wants to stay on Serenity, but Mal has other ideas...

Trousseau by victoria p. (River, gen, 200 words)
     Everything River wears was chosen by someone else.

Unbalanced by Ana (Jayne, Inara; PG) [lj link]
     Post-movie. Jayne and Inara have an actual conversation -- prompted by her crossbow. I love Jayne's pragmatism (and Inara's), and their interaction feels very real. I kind of love this a lot.

Unexpected by [lunarknightz] (PG)
     Future-fic that has a really interesting possible meeting in Simon and Kaylee's future.

Unnatural Selection by mousewitchy (Rating: Hard R, for Reavers)
     Post-movie. I keep reading fics that include sections in Reaver headspace, and they keep not working for me. Initially this one didn't work for me either, but the explanation that is revealed later in the fic actually works very well. And of course I love River much.

Unraveled by m.jules (Mal/River, PG, 715 words)
     Oh, this hurts ... River repeatedly getting passed over by the people she loves. Beautiful imagery
Follow-up: And His Right Arm by m.jules (Mal/River; PG; 1,113 words)
     Still hurting, but at least efforts are being made.

Untitled by Mer
     Wash and Zoe's wedding vows. I giggled and grinned and cried from the spot-on voices.
I read this as AU. Mer reads it as an interpretation of how Serenity-the-movie "reset" the canon of "Serenity"-the-episode.

Vicarious by violet_quill (Simon/Kaylee, River/Kaylee, Jayne/River; R)
     Authorial Summary: River likes to watch, but sometimes she really wants to feel...

Walk Out of the World by Martha Wilson (Firefly/SGA, PG, about 3000 words) [non-lj link]
     Beautifully crafted, and easily followable even if you only know one of the shows.

What River Knows by LizBee (River, PG-13)
     This is stunning.

When I Wake Up by claireweasley (Zoe, gen; pg-13; Post-post Serenity; 3527 words)
     Things fall apart, and still we press on. This is so very Zoe.

With Awe by voleuse (Simon/Kaylee, PG-13)
     Softly kinky with Simon as the initiator.
Alludes to Kaylee and Simon's interactions at the end of the movie, but no real spoilers.

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