Not Elsewhere Classified

During my junior year at Smith College, I had a brief stint as an Op-Ed writer for the weekly student newspaper, The Sophian.

I spent a good chunk of the preceding summer debating not only whether to take the job but also what I should call my column. A number of ideas from both myself and others were batted around, and ultimately I decided on my father's suggestion: Not Elsewhere Classified. [He said: "The US Commerce Department classifies all manufacturing into several hundred industries and sub-industries. Then there's a category "Not Elsewhere Classified" for whatever doesn't fit in the three-hundredsomething Standard Industrial Classification categories. If you're interested, I'm pretty sure they haven't copyrighted the term :)"]

This is a list of the pieces I wrote, printed as they appeared in The Sophian but with the added bonus of editorial commentary from me and links to where I posted them on my LiveJournal (where discussion often ensued).

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