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There are a number of narrative universes I am rather addicted to (namely those created by Joss Whedon -- Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly) and many more in which I dabble.

The reasons people do (read and/or write) fanfic are various, but for me, at the most basic level, it's taking characters/universes and giving me more of them.

"It's a character study with humping." -knullabulla on fanfic

"I just want the stories I like to get read as widely as possible, in the hopes people will leave lots of feedback, which will encourage the author to write more stories I like."
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The Fanfic I've Written

A lot of fandom takes place on LiveJournal which has, among other niffty features, usericons. I've made quite a lot, and while they're not the best ever, here they are: LiveJournal Icons I've Made

One of these days I will write mini-manifestos of my opinions on various characters/arcs in the Whedonverse as well as assorted fic kinks of mine and compile a list of links to thoughtful things other people have said, but that day is not today.

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