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"Normal Again"-verse

I got the term "asylumverse" from Doyle. It refers to fic that deals with the world the writers created in BtVS episode 6.17, "Normal Again."

Into the Blue by ascian (R)
     Post-Normal Again. So, Buffy, you took the blue pill. How’s that working out for you?

Normal Still by Darcy (G)
     A very interesting take on "Normal Again." (Drabble, and difficult to talk about without giving anything away, but definitely worth checking out.)

Once in a Lullaby (Five Things That Happened Somewhere Else) by Doyle (PG-13)
     An amazing look at "Normal Again" Buffy crafting so many little details of the first few seasons. No really, you need to read this. (Though admittedly the fifth part needs work.)

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