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Bullshit by Alixtii (Michelle Trachtenberg/Summer Glau, Jewel Staite, Joss Whedon; R) [lj link]
     Authorial Summary: "Michelle is on the prowl." "Do you think we should warn Summer?" "No, she's a big girl." (Even as you say it, you know it's bullshit.)
This actually starts with Michelle and Jewel bonding, and the "you" in the excerpt is Joss. I think I'm actually most impressed by the Joss in this, though I also enjoy the women.

Have Your Cheesecake and Eat It Too by moosesal (Jewel Staite foodporn, G)
     Authorial Summary: Jewel enjoys her cheesecake a little more than Adam, Gina, and Nathan think is normal.
I would personally rate it higher than G for all the innuendo. Remember Kaylee with the strawberry? Jewel with cheesecake ratchets that up a notch. Each person's reaction to the situation is fabulous.

I'll Most Likely Kill You in the Morning by karabair (Joss & Alexis, PG-13, BtVS S3)
     When Alexis first auditions for the role.
Labelled a WIP, and certainly there's plenty of room to continue the story, but it feels entirely stand-alone-able. So as someone who doesn't read WIPs I am telling you this is entirely safe.

Tipsy, Thanksgiving, Need by Ari (Alexis/Aly/Joss, R)
     Authorial Summary: Joss spends Thanksgiving with the beautiful people.
I donít know much of anything about the actorsí real lives, so I canít vouch for that sort of authenticity, but the poignancy of Jossí characterization feels true to me from what I know of him.

Untitled by Alixtii (Joss Whedon, Ideal Audience, River Tam)
     Categorized as crossover for lack of anything better. From that "write me letters from fictional persons meme." It's Joss Whedon writing to his Ideal Audience, with a cameo from River, and it's so very in character and the allusions are amazing.

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