Quality Fictions


Bed of Bones by RozK
     The First Slayer. Jossed by "Get It Done" (7.15) but oh so powerful.

Bringing by Twinkledru J.
     A chilling look at the future for Slayers.

Campfire Tale for the End of Days by stultiloquentia [lj link]
     Olden days when demons walked the earth, when vampires came on the scene, and when the first Slayer was. This is fascinating.

A Cold And Broken Hallelujah by nihilistbear (R) [non-lj link]
     Post-"Chosen," told from the POV of the father of a Slayer. Buffy came to their family when Melody was only four months old, and now she's fourteen.

Collectible As We All Are by Mosca (Miki Ando & Buffy; PG-13; post-Chosen, Spoilers for the 2006 Olympics and references to skating events through the summer of 2007; ~about 2500 words)
      I love this so hard. There is figure-skating . . . and Slayers . . . and this is just made of win.

Daughter Of The Hall by Jennifer-Oksana
     Authorial Summary: On monsters, hospitality, and death in cold places.
A Slayer in the time of Beowulf. I love what this does with both mythoi.

A Lovely Light by soundingsea (Edna St. Vincent Milay / Wynne Matthison, R, ~1550 words)
     Authorial Summary: "A Slayer has heroic appetites to match her deeds, and her Watcher is there to uphold her."
Yay for fictionalized historical figures, Watcher/Slayer, f/f, and poetry.

One by nostalgia (First Slayer, PG, post-"Chosen")
     This conception of how the Slayer line works isn't one I share, but it's very interesting (and creepy).

One of the (unnamed) new Slayers, and how she's dealing by violethamster
     [For Doyle's drabblethon.] I always have to read this through a few times to *get* exactly what's going on, but damn. *shivers*

Theses on a Philosophy of Power by glossolalia (R)
     "The liberation of each single individual will be accomplished in the measure in which history becomes transformed into world history."
Take the Bolshevik Revolution, add one Jewish girl, infuse with Slayer powers, mix in an abusive Watcher. Go.

This Little Light by nwhepcat (Chosen Slayer, PG-13)
     Authorial Summary: "It comes to her then. It's nothing she can see, but she thinks it could be an angel. It speaks to her heart and head without speaking, just warmth and softness and power. Asks her a question, makes her an offer. She says yes." One of Willow's new slayers awakens to her power in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, and finds herself coached by some surprising teachers. Written for the When the Clock Strikes challenge, introducing one new slayer for each time zone on earth.

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