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Buffy and Angel

Set-up stolen from Doyle.
Pairings are linked within character -- e.g., if you're looking for Buffy/Faith, it's linked to on the Buffy page and the Faith page.

(Straight-up list format available here.)

gen/ensemble poly crossover
Fray comics
Wishverse "Normal Again" Slayers
Andrew Angel Angelus Anya Buffy Cassie
Connor Cordelia Darla Dawn Drusilla Ethan
Eve Faith Fred Giles Glory Gunn
Gwen Harmony Holden Illyria Jasmine Jenny
Jonathan Joyce Justine Kate Kennedy Kit
Lilah Lindsey Mayor
Nina Olivia Oz
Pat Riley Satsu Principal
Spike Tara
Virginia Warren Wesley
Willow Robin Wood Xander
Other rpf

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