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My intro to X-Men was the Saturday morning cartoon show growing up (favorites: Beast, Rogue), but I never really got fannish about it until the movies came out.

I feel like such a commoner in that my main canon familiarity is the movies and my interests are Charles/Erik and Rogue/Logan -- whereas with my primary fandom (Whedonverse) I was a fan from the beginning and know the nuances of all the canon and have lots of unconventional 'ships. (I'm also interested in Nightcrawler, Storm, Kitty Pryde, Mystique... and really anyone a fic makes interesting.)

I have gotten sucked into reading Joss' Astonishing run, but still mostly read movieverse fic. Any comicsverse fics recced are are marked by double asterisks [please let me know if I missed any], but most are very comprehensible even if only familiar with movieverse.

I've grown enamoured of Doyle's grid format, so I'm stealing it yet again, categorizing the stories by which characters are major players in the stories, trying not to give away surprises.

However, I also wanted to retain the browseable list format. So the list is here (alphabetical by story title), and the grid is here.

Absence by Apathy
     Rogue helps Nightcrawler mourn Jean post-X2.

Absolution by sionnain (PG13)
     Authorial Summary: If Erik is seeking absolution, Charles has none to give.
Erik-in-Rogue's-mind visits Charles.

The Agnihotri by BrieflyDel (PG-13) [lj link]
     Authorial Summary: "You are a god among insects." But the lot of the fire gods is rarely happy and never simple.
I neither like nor am particularly interested by John/Pyro, but this does fascinating myth stuff (hello button of mine) and is just really engaging and interesting.

** Antiochus Wept by Azurine (Charles/Erik, R, Ultimateverse)
     This takes place in the Savage Land, which not being a comics reader I know very little about, but the story still works. I am of course a sucker for fic that plays with religious ideas/themes, and this fic goes beyond what one might expect... chilling.

Birth by Ion (Charles/Erik, G)
     Drabble. Early, optimistic, Erik.

Blame by sionnain
     Authorial Summary: Pyro's reasons for leaving with Magento have nothing to do with fire, and everything to do with the cold.

Brief Kissing Incidents by karabair (PG; X1, post-Liberty Island; 930 words)
     A result of karabair thinking about how how she would pull Emma Frost into the movieverse. Everyone feels very in character, and I love Kitty.

Bring Out Your Dead by Apathy
     After X2, Jean comes back. Dark and blistering.

The Busy Griefs by karabair (Storm-POV. Post-X2 ensemble gen; PG-13 for language; 7915 words)
     Begins immediately after X2 ends and is X3 compliant but gives no spoilers for that nor requires any knowledge thereof. This does a really spot-on job of showing grieving processes as well as all the stuff that needs to be taken care of in the meanwhile. Terrific voice.

Cabbages, Ginger Root and a Crucifix by thelasteuropean (Jean/Scott, PG-13, Spoilers through X2) [lj link]
Remix: Down and Out, But Not In Vegas (I Feel It All Remix) by danniisupernova (PG)
     I'd never really thought about the Phoenix bubbling up in Jean, but that's the focus of these fics, and I really like the different takes (Scott in the original, Jean in the Remix) we get on the same story. The Remix also ratchets up the angst quotient nicely.

Century 21 by Kynical (Charles/Erik, G) [lj link]
     Charles and Erik at the 1962 World's Fair...in the shadow of the future.

Chele Kodesh by Chloe (PG)
     John, Bobby, Charles, Erik, Mystique. It's about family. (And sex.)

Chess Problems by Penknife (Charles/Erik, R)
     5 ways Charles and Erik never met.

Come What May by Molly (PG-13-ish)
     After X2, Rogue grows up, and looks back on where she came from and how she got here and where she's going. She's not quite my Rogue, but she's strong and vulnerable and thoughtful and I love her dynamic/interaction with Logan.

Corridors by Rhi (Rogue/Bobby/Pyro, PG-13)
     Sometimes there's room for more than one.

Curiosities by Penknife (HP crossover)
     A young Tom Riddle meets a young Erik Lehnsherr. Chilling, but not in the ways I had expected.

Deep In Your Shadows by alianora (R, post-X2)
     The dark voices in Rogue's head and how they take over.

Descent by [ambyr] (PG-13)
     Authorial Summary: Yuriko Oyama does not remember why she is hiding. "You'll help me?" she asks, and he nods, and then he says, "Kill."

Drawing in a Mirror by C. Elisa (Charles/Erik, Scott/Jean; PG-13)
     Authorial Summary: Scott/Jean, Charles/Erik. "If you know what is going to happen to people, and not what has happened to them, it makes it difficult to prevent it happening, if you don't want it to have happened, if you see what I mean? Like drawing in a mirror." -Merlyn in The Once and Future King
I was expecting a more straightforward "swap" but it's interesting to see how these are the same characters even with different powers.

Endlösung by Musamea (Erik/Charles) [non-lj link]
     Erik in prison between X1 and X2. Memories, and visitations.

Every New Beginning by m.jules (PG-13-ish for language and disturbing images, post-X2)
     A real-feeling look at how nervous it must be to live in the mansion after that attack, and how Rogue with Logan!memories would be extra-edgy; also does a nice job with her feelings toward Logan even while she's ostensibly with Bobby.

Feathers by inlovewithnight (set pre-movies)
    Scott Summers pays young Warren a visit. Sam does a great job of making us feel with Warren; and Scott is well-characterized, too.

Fissure by Ransom (Rogue, post-X2, PG-13)
     Starting with a very interesting look at what Rogue has taken from the various mutants whose powers she has absorbed, this fic moves darker as Rogue is "seduced" (as one reccer put it) by the possibilities.

** Four Things Emma Frost Might Find in Scott Summers' Brain by karabair (Astonishing #14, with heavy nods to the Dark Phoenix saga -- including dialogue in number 2; Scott/Jean, Scott/Emma; R; 400 words -- 4 drabbles)
     Not knowing comicsverse, I know almost nothing about Emma Frost, but that doesn't matter. This is very much a look at Scott, and one which makes him interesting and sympathetic.

Foresight by C. Elisa (Mystique/Destiny, PG, post-X3)
     Authorial Summary: The cavalry comes for Raven.
Cel is totally making me fall for Destiny. (Julian!!!)

For Now (The Fuck Waiting Remix) by Katherine (Logan/Rogue, R)
     It retells the original from Logan's perspective, but then it keeps going, watches their relationship and their individual characters progress. I think it far surpasses the original.

** For the Kingdom of Heaven by C. Elisa (PG) [non-lj link]
     Authorial Summary: Dr. Hank McCoy observes the cure.
I actually don't think of this as a character study so much as a thoughtful look at the complexities both ethical and medical involved in a Cure storyline.
Technically comicsverse (Astonishing-based) but I with no comics knowledge loved it.
DVD Commentary here.

Found and Lost by Molly
     A haunting look at who Yuriko was before Stryker found her.

Foundlings by C. Elisa (Charles, Erik; PG)
     It's kittenfic... with perfect interplay between Charles and Erik and great snark from Erik.

Gifted by AJ Silverberg (PG-13)
     A stunning look at Ronny Drake which I would never have thought of before but which makes so much sense.

A Heap of Broken Images by Musamea (Rogue-centric, post-X3) [non-lj link]
    Authorial Summary: Funerals are never the end of it. Neither are cures. Five scenes on what comes after.
This is a terrifically solid, and bittersweet, look at what life after might look like.

He/We/They/I by Yahtzee (PG)
      The tea party had one host and three guests. (first movie Liberty Island aftermath)

History Teaches by C. Elisa (NC-17)
This series is about learning (the wrong things) from history and about having no history to learn from. (Authorial commentary on the Charles/Erik portions of the story here.)

1. Parched (Rogue/Storm): 5 years after the first movie. Mythology, touch, weather.
2. Ex (Rogue/Storm, Charles/Erik): A continuation. Storm talks with Xavier. He recalls events with Magneto.
3. Half (Charles/Erik): The 1950s.

Hyena by lonelywalker (Mystique, NC-17, spoilers through X3)
     Authorial Summary: Raven is not herself. Perhaps she never has been.
This is well-crafted and believable and contains lots of things I hadn't thought of before and hits at the emotional level as well.

Idle Musings of a Woman at Eighty by Minisinoo (Jean POV, adult, c. 2100 words)
     Authorial Summary: An old woman on age, men, and good endings.

I'd Sure Hate to Break Down Here by Minisinoo
     Authorial Summary: Three conversations in Ororo's garden.

In Alaska by katherine (PG-13)
     Rogue's at college in Alaska and Logan's still in Westchester. I love this look at the two of them.

Independent Study by Penknife (Charles Xavier, pre-series, 1150 words) [non-lj link]
     The distant, controlled, and intellectual nature of teen!Xavier feel very true to character.

Jubilee and Fifty-Foot Janine by J. Serpentine (BSC crossover, Janine/Jubilee, NC-17)
     I've never had any particular feelings about Jubilee, but when I saw this crossover I had to check it out, and it's so rich with detail and just works. I love it.

The Last of the Jedi by Artaxastra (Jean, Charles/Erik; PG; pre-movie)
     Authorial Summary: What would you do if someone told you that you were special, that you needed to come learn how to use your unique talents? If you were Jean Grey, 11 years old in the summer of 1977, Star Wars would give you something to think about when the Jedi come to you.

Laws of Motion by Ion Bond (Charles/Erik, PG-13 - R)
     Charles and Erik meet during college, and especially at the beginning of this fic, the story is largely about Charles still sorting out how to function with people with his telepathy, and throughout the story he struggles to be in relationship with Erik.

The Man On The Flying Trapeze by Troll Princess (Warren; PG; Spoilers: X3; 3,500 words) [personal lj link]
     This is a wonderfully developed look at Warren -- showing us him, the people around him, and what it is to fly.

Nameless by C. Elisa (PG, post-X2)
     The authorial summary is "A student's-eye view of Xavier, post-X2," but what truly fascinates me is the student, specifically the mutant power C. Elisa invented. Authorial commentary post here.

Nice Southern Girls by Macha (Logan/Marie, NC-17, X2 spoilers)
     Okay, I kind of adore this fic beyond the telling of it, as it hits an incredible number of my personal (self-insert) buttons, but even without that it's a really good fic of this pairing. An enjoyable, tender look at their close relationship, and then the transition to lots and lots of hot hot sex.

Not Like This by Chickpea (Wolverine/Rogue, R, post-X2 AU)
     An AU in which all the humans died. Interesting and dark, but always pulling back from being too painful.

Ode to Joy by Magpie
     Authorial Summary: Nightcrawler talks to a priest. The priest talks back.
A really rich and interesting story that I don't know how to talk about without giving stuff away.

One cannot speak of ice by shrift (Bobby, PG)
     Authorial Summary: Death and taxes meet ice sculpture in suburbia.
About Bobby and family. This really makes me feel for him.

On the Same Wave by Pen (Jubilee, G, 100 words)
     Authorial Summary: Jubilee, and the new years that we have left behind.
A poignant look at Jubilee and the Chinese New Year.

Phantom by penknife ("Magneto/Rogue ... well, sort of. Maybe more like Rogue/Rogue"; NC-17; 673 words)
     With someone else in your head, you see yourself differently. Nicely dark and aching.

Phoenix: Lovesong (The J. Alfred Prufrock Mix) by Karabair (Jean; PG-13; Set about 10 years before the first movie; 1,948 words)
     Authorial Summary: Does she dare disturb the universe? X3 wasn't the first time Jean Grey wrestled with her powers. Set about 10 years before the first movie.
Jean's at med school, and I really like this look at the kinds of stuff she might have encountered.

Reconcile by sionnain (Wolverine/Rogue, R)
     Logan needs to find a way to reconcile the scared kid from Laughlin City with the woman she's become.
Post-X1. Logan comes back. Also deals with the implications of Rogue having some of Magneto in her head.

Repair by Penknife (Scott/Jean, ~400 words) [non-lj link]
    An escalating note war gives us a heartfelt look at Scott and Jean's relationship.

Reunion Season by jjtaylor (Charles/Erik, Rating: PG-13, Post-X2)
     Authorial Summary: Forsythia blooms and fades.

** Riding Horses or Five Things That Should Never Happen to Scott Summers by Katt (Scott Summers, rated Mature for strong language, spoilers through Astonishing X-Men #15)
    The structure of this draws me in, and all the could-have-beens are so very believable.

The Room with a Computer by Minisinoo (HP crossover; timeline: HP book 6, post-X2)
    Scott is hired as a Muggle Studies professor at Hogwarts. I love the look at how the mutant/Muggle and Wizarding worlds might perceive each other. I love how Scott teaches his class, and I love the character development and interactions we see.

Safe by kaydee falls (Jean/Raven, PG-13) [non-lj link]
     Authorial Summary: Sometimes, Jean wished she had the guts to go through a rebellious phase.
A terrific look at Jean going off to college.

Signposts by Ransom (Logan/Marie, PG, post-X2) [non-lj link]
     After Jean dies, the years go by.

** Silver Lining in the Sky by St. Aurafina (PG; technically comicsverse, but not canon-heavy)
     Author's Notes: Written for the brains_in_a_jar challenge, where one character is a ship, and the other the pilot. This is a story of friendship, set in the 1950's.
Characters: Wolverine (as the plane) and Scott Summers (as the intrepid pilot)
This has a nice boy's adventure feel to it and despite being AU keeps feeling like it could be X-Men-verse, both with solid characterization and with hints of something more.

Sins by Te (Kurt, Kurt/Bobby; PG-13; vague X2 spoilers)
     This is primarily a character study of Kurt, and I actually found myself buying the pairing (which isn't a major component of the fic, so do read even if you're not keen on the pairing).

Sirena by st_aurafina (Charles/Erik, R, circa 1965, 3215 words)
     The author does a very good job of depicting Charles and Erik both themselves and together, but what fascinated me most was the picture she(?) created of mutants born to peasant families in 1965 Soviet Union.

Six Lessons in Living in Sin by Penknife (Charles/Erik, PG-13)
     Authorial Summary: There are things you never know until you live with someone. Charles Xavier is finding that out.

Skin and Bones by Ransom (Logan/Marie, R)
     Chickpea writes, "Rogue gains control of her skin, but at a terrible cost to her and Logan."

Slow Train Coming by m.jules
     An AU in which Rogue doesn't meet Logan until ten years later, by which point she and her life have gotten a lot darker. I like how this meeting mirrors their X1 meeting and I also have a fondness for dark Rogue and she's very well written here.
Remix by artemis2050
     The same story, but from Logan's POV.

Smoking on the Bus by Artaxastra (Charles/Erik and Erik/Mystique with some reference to Bobby/John/Marie, PG-13, post-X2)
     Authorial Summary: Charles tries to help Marie adjust to life at the school while he comes to terms with Jean's death, but the ghost of Erik Lehnsherr keeps interfering.

** Somewhere to Be by karabair (Scott + ensemble, etc.; PG-13; major spoilers through Astonishing issue #15; 2,381 words)
    Written before AXM #16 came out, and a very believable look at what could have played out in Scott's [spoiler].

Souvenirs by Yahtzee
     The summer vacation after X2, Rogue and Logan go on a road trip. The nature of their relationship is kept true to the UST of the movies, and everything feels very believable.

A Sure Thing by katherine
     Authorial Summary: Logan has a nightmare; Marie runs him a bath.
I love this Marie.

Taste by sionnain
     Inspired by that scene in X2, this fic imagines that back when they were building Cerebro, Erik used to rearrange the panels.

Ten Thousand Candles by Andraste (Charles post-X2, PG-13)
     A touching look at how the events of X2 continue to haunt Charles.

Timeworm by Ion (PG)
     Drabble. Erik, aging.

** to some point fixed and unknown by Musamea (Scott/Emma; AXM universe, pre-Gifted) [non-lj link]
     On their second Valentine's Day together as a couple, Scott takes Emma up for a flight in the Blackbird.
The (metaphorical) ghost of Jean of course haunts this relationship, but Scott is trying.

Travel Advisory by penknife (Charles&Erik, post-X2) [non-lj link]
     Just a temporary truce until the weather clears up. Post-X2.

Trust by Penknife (Charles/Erik, PG)
     Charles and Erik a long time back.
Authorial Summary: Some things take faith.

Twinkie Run (The Stars & Garters Remix) by karabair (Hank McCoy, Bobby Drake, others; PG) [personal lj link]
    Authorial Summary: Junk food is banned from Xavier's School for the Gifted. Hank McCoy, a new member of the faculty, decides to bend the rules for the sake of his students. Meanwhile, fellow new teacher Emma Frost creates her own set of problems for Scott Summers. (Spoilers for the first two X-men movies. Since the original story was written before X3, I've disregarded third-movie canon.)
I like this fic a lot. The character dynamics are great.

Twenty Random Facts about Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters by Penknife
     Post-X2 gen. Penknife takes the meme that was going around LJ and turns it into a wonderful fic that has me near sobbing by the end.

Twenty Things (that might have happened at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters) by Musamea ("Timeline spans the early days of the school to post-X3.") [lj link]
    Authorial Summary: Could've, would've, should've. Twenty things that might have happened at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.
I was in love from #1 and sobbing by #5 (though I might have been hormonal). The fic really isn't depressing (though some sections are very poignant). It all seems so plausible and in-character.

Twenty Things you Might not Know about Scott Summers by karabair
     1. He noticed the problem with his eyes for the first time while he was reading "The Odyssey" for a high school freshman English class. He was fascinated by the Cyclops, because the single eye was both his distinguishing mark and point of vulnerability. He thought of this when it was time to pick code names, and had long arguments about it with Hank, who kept insisting Scott actually had two eyes, and they weren't really in the right place for a Cyclops, anyway. Scott was polite about it, but to this day he privately thinks he has the best code name.

Unrepentant by Penknife (R)
     Authorial Summary: Mystique and the seven deadly sins.
A really interesting look at Mystique and the Senator Kelly experience.

** Valentine by Selena (Emma/Scott)
     Oh, Emma. This is a very believable look at how she might approach Valentine's Day, showing her pragmatism and detachment and, despite herself, some vulnerability. Some nice insight into Scott here, as well.

** What Scott Summers Loves about Emma Frost by karabair
    Does a really good job of showing Emma's appeal to Scott, complete with Scott's resistance thereto.

WMD by C. Elisa (Charles/Erik)
     Authorial Summary: Five things that probably didn't happen while Charles and Erik were building Cerebro.
The fourth one fills me up, and the fifth one breaks me.

Yellow by sionnain (PG)
      Authorial Summary: Mystique's visit to Wolverine's tent in X2 explained.
A great, humorous, look at Mystique and Magneto.

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