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X-Men (movieverse)

My intro to X-Men was the Saturday morning cartoon show growing up (favorites: Beast, Rogue), but I never really got fannish about it until the movies came out.

I feel like such a commoner in that my main canon familiarity is the movies and my interests are Charles/Erik and Rogue/Logan -- whereas with my primary fandom (Whedonverse) I was a fan from the beginning and know the nuances of all the canon and have lots of unconventional 'ships. (I'm also interested in Nightcrawler, Storm, Kitty Pryde, Mystique... and really anyone a fic makes interesting.)

I have gotten sucked into reading Joss' Astonishing run, but still mostly read movieverse fic. Any comicsverse fics recced are are marked by double asterisks [please let me know if I missed any], but most are very comprehensible even if only familiar with movieverse.

I've grown enamoured of Doyle's grid format, so I'm stealing it yet again, categorizing the stories by which characters are major players in the stories, trying not to give away surprises.

Because characters are known by various names, I've chose to use their "codenames" in the grid, though the individual character pages include their "human" names as well.

If you would rather just browse through the fics I've found worth reading in this fandom, go to the list format here.

Angel Cyclops Emma Frost
Iceman Jean Grey Jubilee
Lady Deathstrike Magneto Mystique
Nightcrawler Professor X Pyro
Rogue Storm Wolverine
non-character-centric other characters crossover

Last update: 1 December 2007.

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